You won’t be-weave what got in the way of bootcamp?

Well, It’s a week later and I’m sure you want to know how my session with ‘Ms BM without the W’ went? well…it didn’t. I know! I know I said I would go but it was out of my control – No really.

Listen to this…

As I wrote last week, I rang ‘Ms BM without the W’ to catch up with the cussing (her to me that is) and to find out when she was free for a session.

She told me with a wide grin on her face (I could tell even on the phone) that she was doing a boot camp session on Saturday morning. Now, on a Saturday morning I usually like to have a lie in bed and take everything down from 10 to at least a speed of 5 to enjoy the weekend for what it is – a WEEK-END.

It had been a while since me and ‘Ms BM without the W’ had caught up so she asked me how the 5k went. Following my positive response she said ‘Oh that’s great, well done! So you’ll come to the boot camp then? You’ve still been training since then haven’t you’ …(silent pause).

‘Yeah I can come. What time is it?’ was my response to ‘Ms BM without the W’ invitation (which was prompted by the parts of my body that are still buzzing from knocking 7 minutes off its best 5k running time two months ago). I knew I should have asked what time it starts before I said yes, because when she said 7am all I saw was the inside of my eye lids!

‘7 o’clock’ I sat down on the corner of my bed – eyes still closed.

‘Ok, how long is it for? An hour?’ I enquired ‘No ninety minutes’ my eyelids flicked opened, my eyes popped out my head ’90 minutes! that’s more than an hour – that’s an hour and a half!’ ‘Ms BM without the W’ started to laugh and then went into the schpeel about what was entailed; and as she knows what my goals are all the postive, motivational stuff…but at the end of the day she was right.

To be honest getting there for 7am is not a big thing for me to do as I sometimes have to get to work for 7am. But to get to somewhere that early to be shouted at and pushed to literally run up, down, sideways, backwards, and then work out with weights? The thought exhausted me so much I just flung myself back on the bed.

Fast forward to Friday…

Now, I had every intention to make the Saturday boot camp session as I have had first hand experience of what it feels like to be pro-active and on top of your health game – great skin, body feeling firmer, more energy – the benefits are endless.

But this is the thing…I was working. Yes, yes, I know you and the rest of the readers, writers mothers, fathers etc work too but hear me out. I was working – AND I needed to redo my hair (weave). Don’t laugh, read on.

(PH Editor note: Maybe Tameka should read Small Steps Saturday blog – Is your hair getting in the way of your health?; just saying…)

Now the thing with my work is there are times when my schedule changes and it can be very last minute, due to a number of things; the environment (e.g sunlight, rain, noise), props breaking on set, actors not turning up or turning up late, etc. Last week was quite a hectic week and proved to be difficult to make my own plans.

I had made plans to attend the boot camp on Saturday. I also knew that I had to do my hair. When I say ‘do my hair’ I don’t want you to think I mean re-style in a glamorous fashion; I mean take out weave, wash, condition, blow dry plait up to wrap up, because I intended to get some serious sweat on! So I booked my hairdresser way in advance. Taking responsibility making a plan, right?

Now, my work for reasons out of my control decided they would swap my scene around on two different days which meant that I would leave work later. Again, I repeat (just in case ‘Ms BM without the W’ is reading – this was out of my control). So I had to rearrange my hair appointment. The first time I rescheduled, my hairdresser was fine but when I had to cancel again she was unable to rearrange for the week. So this left me with no other option… but to do my hair on Friday evening when I got home from work at 5pm . I actually got home at 8.30pm and to be honest I started to undo my hair around 9.30pm. At 11.35pm I was still undoing the hair… I was tired. I figured a better way to use my time would be to go to sleep for a few hours (as I had been up since 6.45am) get up and finish undoing my hair then wash and condition before I made my way to boot camp.

I woke up at 3.45am and continued my hair. At 5.40am I pick up the phone and text the following:

Ms BM without the W, I have been up from 3.45 this morning doing my hair (taking out weave not beautifying myself for you to sweat it out!) & I am still at it. Now I have every intention to be abused in your boot camp but looking at the facts of being tired, arms aching, having no dinner last night & no forecast of making breakfast let alone eating breakfast in time to travel & be in your class on time before you kick & beat my ass – 2 be honest, it can’t work today. I am disappointed as I am up for the challenge. However I will call you later to discuss seeing you in the week. Lots of love Tameka

Now can you see why I didn’t make it to boot camp? Can you see my intention to make it to boot camp but external factors overruled? Can you see that I was not going to give up as I amended my plans to try to fit everything in?

I know I didn’t make it last week but this Saturday I WILL! How many of us give up at the first hurdle?

I refuse to give myself a hard time for not achieving this goal. Look out for my post next week! I, accept that there are some things that are out of my control but I think if we say we are going to do something, we should not only do it, but do it to the best of our ability, and not be easily swayed to throw in the towel when things do not go our way.
Not only am I going to make it to boot camp, I’m gonna to show ‘Ms BM without the W’ what I’m really made off – she won’t be shouting at me, let me tell you!
Big talk – yes ah mi dat!

Have a fit week x

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