You are what you eat

You know, the road to a healthy lifestyle is one that you really have to focus on. You can’t take your eye of the road for to long as you will crash (diet) and that’s not a good thing, as the more you crash the more you will gain points (weight) in the long run.

I’ve found myself recently talking to myself out loud about the food I may or may not eat. I was in the supermarket the other day and I was asking myself do I really need to buy potatoes and if so should I buy sweet potatoes which is a more healthy option or your normal white spud. I was not only talking to myself but also to the potatoes when I noticed a woman looking at me. I felt so embarrassed, I told her I was rehearsing a scene for a children’s show.

I’ve decided to approach food with a little test. I would like you to do the same just for a week and see if you experience a difference whether it be in your appetite, mind or body. Here it goes:

When you wake up (after your morning prayer, stretch, shower etc), before you have a meal or a snack, before you have a drink (alcohol or not) and as you do your food shopping, say to yourself:


Then ask yourself


I’m starting it today, try it with me. I’ll update you next week, I’ll look forward to hearing from you too!


Have a fit week!

Tameka x

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