Yoga: Creating Positivity in Recession



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In all things there is choice you do not have to experience depression, a downturn, a state of collapse, nor decline, in fact you could feel a resurgence, a growth and a significant rise in your wellness and truly see your life flower, unfold and enjoy who you are. Whether this is in your relationships, health and finances, the choice is yours.

Start with small changes

The wonderful thing is that you can create your reality just as you wish it to be. You are not helpless in this superimposed recession on your psyche.

Accept or don’t accept we are in a powerful time in the world today especially in regards to change. CHANGE is the most significant word presently as anything or anyone for that matter that does not change and adapt according to their environment becomes stagnant and therefore eventually becomes obsolete. If one also does not recognise the subtle changes within their bodies they cannot gauge their state of health nor express their emotions eloquently in order to maintain harmony. This has happened in the present bodies of the financial and governmental world.

Too many insist on living the way they have always been living without any preparation to change. Change is the only reality. As all things must change this happens to be the universal law of Rhythm, prescribed in Ancient Egypt. This is what is said by the great ancient masters; ‘Everything flows out and in, everything has it tides, all things rise and fall, the pendulum swing manifest in everything, the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left, rhythm compensates.’

People experience pain, unhappiness, depression or slump etc because they resist changes. Change is a natural phenomenon. Within a state of depression or recession what one clearly worries about is the future. ‘What will happen to me? How can I cope or provide for myself, family etc?’ Yoga teaches that whatever comes you accept with ease. Simply accept the experience, it is neither good nor bad it is part of the rhythm of life. This approach allows you to flow without fear and anxiety.

If you follow or just sit and observe the society as it stands today you will be in a recession, however you may be one of those who are not in a recession because they are visionaries. Visionaries are tapped into a world of their own making, this is their sole focus.

Many are trapped in the news of the day yet there are those who are not affected because they do not allow their vibrational frequency to be dictated to from outside influences. Their influence comes from within. There are a few yogic practises for this level of balance: meditation, affirmations and exercise.

Meditation is a great way to clearing the clutter that is present in the mind, it also allows one to retain energy by the power of concentration. When energy is retained one feels less drained and therefore has the will, vigour and enthusiasm to engage in the activities of the day. You will also need to de-clutter your physical space to allow new energies to flow. As the outer is reflective of the inner and what is in your space that is not of immediate use can also drain you of your energy.


Living in the future or the past: most of us are in these states most of the time and therefore unconscious. Unconscious because the past is not real it has gone and you cannot get it back. The future has not happened yet and many of us worry about and create events we feel anxious about but they don’t really exist in the now. The Now’ is real. Meditation assists your conscious awareness of this fact.

Sit on a chair or on the floor keep the spine and head erect. Close the eyes and concentrate on the flow of breath, entering the nostrils, breath steadily and observe your mind it will begin to wonder either to the past or the future. By observing the minds journey you will be aware of the illusory state. Ask yourself this ‘Where am I right now’. This can also be useful when doing a task and the mind wonders therefore cutting your energy and concentration down to a small percentage, the question becomes ‘What am I doing right now’. The mind will automatically answer and you will be gently brought back to a state of now. You may have to do this a few times in a session. Do not judge your thoughts just watch them. The point is to be centred and even out your mind state.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmation = A FIRM(ing) ATION (action-doing).

Firming one self. Self-belief to self-knowing.

Affirmation is the stabilising transference of self in a context through word sound

‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he’ (or so he becomes)

Our beliefs systems do determine to an extent how our lives are run.

A positive attitude will produce positive results in our lives.

Our thoughts are the catalyst of our creations on a physical level.

They form our abundance or our lack, our achievements and our failures. Thoughts have weight, shape, form and colour. That is why positive affirmations thought (intent) and word sound is so relevant to balanced health.

An Affirmation for change is:

‘I am in the rhythm and flow of an ever-changing life, I am fluid.’


Yogic exercise is a highly effective way to not only cleanse the body of toxins but to also induce a great state of wellness and energise the mind and body. The practise of Afrikan Yoga is moving meditation as it benefits the mind, emotional and spiritual state of the practitioner.

Four Points of Geb

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips and with the in breath lean forward keep the legs straight and exhale when you have reached your limit. Rise back to standing position inhale and lean back exhale. Return to standing, inhale and bend to the right side exhale and then to the same process to the left side.

Some of the benefits to this Afrikan Yogic exercise: Gentle enhances concentration, stimulates intelligent capacities, develops suppleness and elasticity, mobilize joints, rejuvenate the nervous system, increases blood supply to the brain, burns of calories, develop internal balance and harmony, increases mental determination, massage back muscles, Alleviates anxiety and hypochondria, reduces mental stress, increase circulation, eliminate pain in the lower back, improves the appetite and digestion.

Find a yoga class nearest to you and mentally beat the slump!

Pablo lives in Uganda with his wife & three children. He will be doing workshops in the UK in September & October 2011


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  1. Thank you soo much. This is one of the most inpirational post I’ve read on Phenomenal Healthstyle. Before I continue with my Sunday morning chores, I’m going to take Pablo M Imani’s advice and sit down and meditate.

  2. Thank you! Right on time!

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