Yo-Yo Ying Yang: Finding the balance

Hello I’m Lisa Bent and welcome to the PH ZONE. This month I really liked Kehinde’s  “Ying and Yang = Balance”  blog.

The blog was triggered by watching a cooking programme which made her think about how the theory can be applied to other areas of her life.  Ying and Yang for me is how the world functions;  Night and Day, Love and Hate, Peace and War, men and women, hot and cold.  Within everything there is an opposite and as we know, too much of one thing, isn’t a good thing and neither is yo-yoing, backwards and forwards.

Yin Yang Symbol


I currently have too much Yang in my day to day life. I am working long hours, indulging too much in the wrong foods, and I am not getting enough sleep. Although I am finding time to go the gym 3 times a week, I am out of sync and far from being balanced.  In fact I am not working harmoniously at all because I am eating the wrong foods and then telling myself it’s okay “because I am working it off in the gym”. This is a self-sabotaging cycle which I have only just truly acknowledged and will need to change.


Read Kehinde’s blog again and think about your own schedule. Do you have too much of Ying or Yang?  What do you need to change in order to lead a healthier and balanced life?


Who we are is at the centre of everything. Look within to help explain your world and change your world. You have been listening to The PH ZONE– Find your balance.





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