Why do you go to the gym?




I’ve been working at my local gym for around 7 years and I have seen some sights. Some of the sights always leave me wondering why on earth these people spend £40 plus per month to do the following????

Resting and reading the newspaper?!??!?! Surely this can be done at home!

Texting to whoever


This was discovered in the ladies changing room this week. Why bother even leave your home in the first place?

These are only but a few sights at my local gym. I want to share with you what type of customers we Fitness Professionals have to deal with on a daily basis.

If you can relate to any of the above photos and you want us Fitness Professionals to take you seriously about your health and fitness, you are asking too much of us. How can we take you seriously if you cannot take yourself seriously???

Food for thought!

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