Is ‘PR’ in the way of improving your fitness?

I’m going start with a classic Steve Harvey introduction ‘I don’t know what it is about me but I gats to say whatever I’m feeling, I can’t help it….if I’ve gats something on my mind’ Bella-Marie gonna say it.

1 Corinthians 6:19 (New World Translation version) says What! Do YOU not know that the body of YOU people is [the] temple of the holy spirit within YOU’.

For those of a religious nature or at least have some scriptural understanding will understand that, that verse indicates that you should view or treat your body as sacred ground. However, there are days when I see people walking into their place of worship who clearly do not view their body as something sacred. Think about it, most places of worship are kept clean and tidy, some religious organisations spend thousands upon thousands of pounds on the up keep of their temple or place of worship. So I ask myself why do many find it difficult to view their bodies as sacred, a thing to maintain and look after? – My Body is a Temple T-Shirt


It boils down to acknowledgement and responsibility. Over the last few months I’ve spent time with mainly women at different events and locations discussing their general weight issues and lifestyle. After talking with a large number of women and listening to their stories I realise there is very little acknowledgement and/or responsibility.

What do I mean?

For starters it’s the constant excuses, the ever resounding but it was this’ or but I had to’, or it’s the children, work, friends, the dogs fault and my classic is the it was only a treat’. If you are a person who talks about losing weight, becoming fitter and basically wanting a healthier lifestyle but yet use any or all of the above then it’s time you acknowledge that you will struggle the rest of your life, your weight, fitness or overall well-being will not move further from where it currently stands. Another thing to acknowledge – if you want that desired body, health, fitness you need to make the sacrifices.

What does it take to get fit?

For example, if you are not prepared to reduce your sodium intake, lower your saturated fats, reduce your portions, exercise 3 plus days a week and so forth then quit while you are ahead. It’s not gonna happen! It is time to acknowledge that you love to play the blame game; you blame everything around you when really you are to be blamed. Acknowledge the fact that perhaps you really need help, feel too embarrassed about your life/body/circumstances, perhaps you are addicted to food or cut to the chase and acknowledge that you are very lazy.

Are you using P.R?

Once you’ve acknowledged the above-mentioned, which is only the tip of the iceberg then the next step is to take responsibility. This kind of responsibility ideally should be viewed like a marriage – a commitment that requires work, dedication for many years. It also comes in many forms from mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual. Be responsible for all of your health and fitness actions. Take responsibility in what you eat, how you eat, how you shop and what types of foods you shop for. If you need help, then be a responsible adult and ask for help.

These individuals who fail to acknowledge and take full responsibility are very easy to identify, we have them as friends, we see them in the gym and more publicly they are on Facebook/Twitter. They will go from one diet plan to another – one minute they’re on the Shakes diet, then next they’re all of a sudden training 6 days a week (sometimes twice a day), then all of a sudden they’re a vegetarian/vegan, next minute they want to train for a marathon. Does that sound balanced?

If you want to make health and fitness a permanent fixture in your life then I suggest you be honest with yourself – is this something you really want? Are you prepared to make the sacrifices that are required? If the answer to both are yes’ then all the best to health and fitness success!


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