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This week I was discussing with a couple of my new business partners, about the best way to conduct their business and how to get the most out of it.

I started the conversation by asking them this question, ‘What is your standard?’ At first they looked a little bemused, however once I elaborated on my point they totally got it and I believe it they follow the principles it will give them an edge in their business.

Let me elaborate here for you, so you can gain the competitive edge in whatever you do.

I once increased a 100 per-cent money back guarantee I had on a product to a 200 per-cent money back guarantee. This meant that if the customer was not satisfied I offered them double their money back’.

A friend of mine asked me, ‘Why are you taking such a risk?’ I said to him, ‘I do not believe that I am taking a big risk because of my standard.’ He replied, ‘What do you mean?’ I then asked him the same question I am about to ask you, ‘What is your standard?’ The answer to this question could be the difference to you winning or losing.

I have known too many people who live below their standard, perform below their standard and except below their standard.

We live in such a fast changing and competitive world that good’ is not good enough anymore. In fact, those who strive to be good at what they do end up becoming just average. Excellence is the next level in my mind and even then, if you strive for excellence you normally end up being just good.

In today’s competitive market place and world, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to aspire to become outstanding’ at whatever you do. At least then you may reach excellence. I strive to be outstanding at whatever I do.

The greatest enemy of your best’ is good’. ‘Why should I strive for my best, when good will do?’ some people might say. The most wonderful thing about striving for your best’ is that your best might be outstanding. Commit to raising your standards today.

You are capable of such wonderful and amazing things, however, you will not find them in the good department of your life. They are always on the top floor in the outstanding section’.

Do not accept anything less than your absolute best from yourself. In doing so, every day will be a learning experience. Every day you will grow.

Every day may yield the possibility that you might discover something wondrously new and exciting about the infinite potential you have within.

Consider these wise words, ‘When you’re around someone who is great at what they do, your own standards are raised”.

It’s good to share, I always welcome your thoughts, use the comments box below.

Have a phenomenal week

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