Captured by Camera & Ghosts of the Past

As this blog was going to be about food, I decided to include a picture of a local grocery store. I was in a bit of a rush and decided to take the picture using my mobile phone “drive by” style, as I was riding my bicycle. As I approached the shop, I steadied my bike skillfully with one hand and snapped the picture with the other, before happily riding off into glory. Or so I thought…

A few seconds later I heard a voice firmly speaking to me in Japanese and saying the word “Keitai” (mobile phone). I turned and saw a policeman on a motorbike riding up beside me. What the hell? He motioned for me to stop and asked if I could speak Japanese or English. At this moment my Japanese is terrible, so he proceeded to give me a warning in English. It’s illegal to use your mobile-phone while riding a bicycle. Even for just a moment, on a side-street, on a knackered looking, rusty red, second hand-bike with a basket.

I gave him my details and he checked my bike registration (all bikes have a unique I.D number here) and much to my annoyance phoned the station to verify that it wasn’t stolen or something. As I was waiting in the hot sun, feeling the soft breeze of humiliation, I suddenly had a flashback to past times in London when I went through a phase of getting stopped for the simple fact that I was driving a new car. For the briefest of moments, a surge of forgotten anger made its way to my head and I considered saying something I knew I would regret. Instead I saw the ridiculousness of the situation, acknowledged that the Japanese can be pretty anal about the law and smiled. The policeman gave me my warning, cracked a joke, and bid me on my way.

I quickly rode on, I had somewhere to go, I couldn’t stick around in the past.

6 Responses to “Captured by Camera & Ghosts of the Past”

  1. Close call Chris. I would sympathise if I was not just asking my friend only the other day why cyclist’s ride with headphones in their ears on busy london streets. I didn’t even stop to think of cyclists performing cirque du soleil feats with cameras…tut tut…glad you had the emotional intelligence to keep those thoughts to yourself or your next blog might of been about life behind bars in Japan. : )

  2. Yes, I was relieved not to get a fine, that would’ve really pushed me over the edge 😉 Seems like today both of us let each other off.

  3. Interesting. And eye like your writing style Chris.

    Love your attitude also – it’s really not about living in the past. Stay Present, and continue to Create your Fantabulous Existence/Future.

    Keep your keitai in your pocket while driving, it’s not even safe to walk and use a phone much less, lol!!

    Peace & Love

  4. Loving the post on meditation by Russell Simmons Sis, great share! x

  5. @Jahdusha V Shines - Thanks for your comments and advice,  my keitei is gonna stay in my bag! Not even in my pocket! And that video by RS on meditation is bang on point

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