Do you need to start looking at things using fresh eyes?

How do you feel when you are going through a change in your life triggered by your past, present or future? How do you agree to disagree and deal with individuals with different perspectives and ways of doing things? Do these situations make you emotional? If the answer is ‘Yes’.

Congratulations! You are a phenomenal human!

The challenge is how do you deal with the emotions of everyday life without becoming an emotional wreck!

Use Fresh Eyes

My name is Zena Tuitt and I am one of the Founders of Phenomenal Healthstyle. I am passionate about helping people to realise their potential by finding tools, knowledge and skills to help them to create balance in their outlook on life. For me, learning about emotional intelligence and how to apply it practically in my everyday life has become an invaluable skill to juggling the demands of family, friendships, work, bills and life in general.

My city life had become imbalanced and after years of being focused on my health to the point some would say I had hypercondria I had become unhealthy. From an active outdoor life, marathon running and tennis to fast food, oversleeping and just one more glass for the road. It seemed like my new habits had just crept up on me from nowhere; comfort eating (I developed a bond with the snack vending machine), making bad personal choices, feeling too tired to exercise and saying YES’ I can help when I should have said NO I don’t have the capacity right now’.

The question for me was what changes in my healthstyle would I have to make to put health’ back into my style’?


Learning to look at the same situation with fresh eyes

The key for my transformation came from looking inwards to find a more balanced way to deal with life – using meditation, counselling, yoga, Mindfulness classes, running, travel to reading about different psychology, personal development, philosophical and spiritual approachs.

Through my personal research, I realised that the key to my happiness was to find better ways to understand my emotions and learn how to deal with them and the impact of others emotions on me in a more constructive way. Spirtuality provided me with the faith that everything was always going to work out for the ‘best’ in the end; but learning about emotional intelligence gave me a practical day to day tool for dealing with my reactions to personalities, work and business.

I’m so passionate about what I learnt that I wanted to help others find ways to apply emotional intelligence to their everyday life; so I got trained as a Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT) Facilitator and coach in 2010 and started delivering ‘Use Fresh Eyes’ coaching and training for people who wanted help to develop their emotional intelligence; and practically apply it to take control of their own life and emotions rather than being controlled by them.

Emotional Intelligence is a phrase we hear more & more. But what does it mean?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of emotions in yourself and others; to use emotions to help you to make good decisions; to understand emotions and what they are telling you; and to manage your emotions to create the best posssible results in every day life situations.

In simple terms it is when you are able to use your head (thinking intelligence) and your heart (feeling intelligence – intuition) in unison. Having a simple way to tap into your own emotional intelligence can help you create a more balanced life

Knowledge is great but the real power comes when you learn how to apply that knowledge in everyday life.

The ‘Use Fresh Eyes’ approach is based on the ‘The Emotionally Intelligent Manager’ written by two psychologists who (along with their colleague John Mayer) are widely credited with laying the scientific foundation for the emotional intelligence theory and model (MSCEIT). Thus, this book has an authority that none of the other books on the subject can match.

The four key emotional skills are:

  • Managing Emotion: You cannot be effective without the wisdom of emotions
  • Understanding Emotion: Emotions follow a logical pattern, if you know how to look at them
  • Using Emotion: Different emotions help our thinking in different ways
  • Identifying Emotion: Emotions contain critical information and data

If you want practical help to understand, develop and apply emotional intelligence in the workplace, and social settings with family, friends and new acquaintances then contact me at and I will give a Phenomenal Healthstyle Reader a FREE 60 telephone/skype session once a month to help you to start to think about ways you can use your emotional intelligence more effectively in your life.

Contact me at to be put in the monthly prize draw for a FREE 60 minute session.

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