Uganda Afrikan Yoga Retreats 2012 – What is Yoga?



Sitting in a room in the quite suburban residential district of Muyenga, Kampala facing a small band of brave Ugandans anticipating my next move, my next sentence. I say brave because they have signed up for a yoga class and now here they sit with no idea of what yoga is.

Looking at their faces I had to ask. Do you know what yoga is? All looked as blank as a brand new unwrapped note pad.

Some uttered No’. Have you heard of yoga? They answered, ‘We have only heard of this today, we signed up because we saw a video of you on’ Again I had to address the issues of a practise so beneficial on a physical, mental and spiritual level to all who engage yet the lack of information and unwarranted misconceptions keeps the door to better health and quality of life closed. This is not a one off response even in the West, yet the difference is that in the West most are likely to have heard of yoga even if they have misconceptions.

Yoga in the West is an explosion akin to that of the big bang creating spiralling worlds of various yoga styles.

Yoga is a way of living that requires introspection. It is proper exercise, proper nutrition (adequate eating), positive thinking, (affirmations), non-violence which has a lot to do with your relationship to people and your environment. Having restraint, self-control in all areas of your life including your thoughts. In order to assist the thoughts aspect, meditation is integral to the practice of yoga. Meditation is the discipline of steadying and clearing the mind in order to attain higher states of consciousness that creates our reality. What I mean is, if you are attuned to the natural state of being a reconnection to The Source’ (which represents different things for different people) you flow with life just in the same manner as a clear river stream runs to the sea. When this stream is mudded and polluted the movement of the river is hindered. Therefore your goal (destination) is hampered. Yogic exercises work in the same manner, cleansing the organs and energy channels in the body. So the body maintains its natural equilibrium.

Afrikan Yoga is: the science of the breath, yoga of the body, proper exercise, nutrition, restraint, relaxation and steadying of the mind meditation.

It’s beneficial because;

  • It calms and de-stresses you.
  • It creates a perfect feeling of well being, when the body feels good and energetic it stimulates you preventing and curing illness.
  • It regulates your breathing, improves energy levels, alertness and clarity of the mind.
  • It stretches and works most of the muscles in the body, toning and giving an invigorating workout.
  • It increases ones energy with oxygenated blood, which helps to store energy in the body and replenish cells.
  • It increases and improves circulation within the body thus making yoga a valuable therapeutic tool in preventing and managing disease.

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