Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my last Tickle Tuesday before the Virgin Active Triathlon.

I have to say I am nervous but still going through with it.

The last few weeks of training has taught me a lot about my body as well as my mind in terms of what I think about myself and fitness – what drives me and what thoughts pop into my mind.

Like my Virgin trainer Sarz tells me; You just have to focus! That line means so much in every aspect of life; business, personal, home, work. But going back to today, I am continuing to tell myself that I can and have done it (as in the 5K run that I did last week on the treadmill!). You know just thinking about it is erupting my waters! so this week, my Tickle Tuesday will be short.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms BM (without the W) for kick starting me on my healthy lifestyle for life – not just for the summer! Thank you to Charlie Brooks who introduced and invited me to do the Virgin Active Triathlon and then decide to fall out of it – you owe me a foot massage but I truly thank you for the push – it was what I needed!

Thank you to Richard Branson for allowing me to be part of his team – I won’t let you down Richie! Thank you to my Virgin Active trainer Sarz, you’ve been great and bad – you Smiling Assassin you! (that’s the right nickname for you). Thank you to Phenomenal Healthstyle for allowing me to air, vent etc (the process has been great) and to you the readers and those who took the time to write a comment. Thank you.

You can see me in action as part of Richard Branson team this Saturday 30th July 2011 in the VIRGIN ACTIVE TRIATHLON at the EXCEL CENTRE at 12 noon (ten minutes from Canary Wharf station or you could drive as there are plenty of spaces available). Log onto to find out more.

Hope to see you there!

Have a fit week!

Tameka – Triathlete (well more like Runner!)

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  1. You are an inspiration! I’ll be there to cheer and support you on Saturday.

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