The Smai Scrolls: The 2012 Paradigm



Now anticipating this new year is quite different to previous years in that there have been several predictions and prophetic statements regarding 2012. I will not talk about these as you can refer to some of these in the previous post ‘The 2012 paradigm – Part 1’.

There have been however certain loud claims regarding the return of the messiah over the years. The mystics can tell you that the messiah Krishna, Christ, Buddha and Maitreya is not a single person. The messiah comes in the form of consciousness or a simpler term awareness, compassion and over-standing in all human beings.

There are hints in the morning songs that can be heard amongst the birds in the morning that new beings will be born at this time and that heroes with new souls will emerge.

The Indigo children are streaming forth from solar rays of consciousness and cyclic time, DNA explosions are now happening in the womb. The new cycle of time also known as the golden age, suncycle, age of Hapi, Ptah or Aquarius, begun in the 1970’s. The cosmic clock continues to tick and now there is another tick underway.

Some of you would like me to legitimise my claim. I can only say a little bird told me in my morning meditations at the appearance of the sun.

The time we speak of is the time of AIR and birds are the master teachers of this time. One teaching I will share with you is in letting go and letting the wind carry you.

The number 2012 equals five (5) in Maat science. In supreme mathematics the digit combinations of the year twenty twelve is equivalent to the number of the senses, the number five (5).

Five (5) sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels. Nubeings will probably not be engaging in the senses in the usual way nor will they capitulate according to the desired status quo. They bring with them a sensibility that is directly sourced from being sensual (sense-soul).

In Uganda, an area of Africa where the ancient Egyptians claimed to have ascended from, there is word amongst the Buganda for ‘breath’. This word is ‘SA’ meaning to breath and to let go. In Ancient Afrika (Tamare) there is a NTR known as SAA the Neter of sense touch, feeling and of knowledge and understanding.

Breath (SA) in 2012 and you will be a part of the process known as ‘New Earth’ . This can be termed as heaven on earth or rather the bringing of the metaphysical component of SAHU (the ancient Afrikan word for the constellation Orion). This was interpreted by the Greeks as Ooranos or Heaven. The pyramids of Giza is aligned with the physical SAHU.

The 2012, five (5) energy is the desire to breakout of boundaries, travel and discover the wonders of the world.

Five (5) needs to know and learn all there is. If this need is not appeased then one feels trapped and imprisoned. We are in a time of free flowing knowledge and hidden secrets unlocked. A time where the return to source is evident.

The five seeks sensual (sense-soul) knowledge that comes from the heart rather than the head. Five (5) wants to experience. Socially this is a good year as many will drop fears relating to sex, religion, creed, race and moralities. To reach out across their neighborhoods, villages, cities and continents. In the spirit of five (5) energy the world and its people are a classroom. Those who embrace five (5) energy will go to places only others will imagine.

They will travel and tread even where angels fear to tread with a ‘break loose, out of my head and into my heart journey’.

With five (5) energy it’s not about right or wrong, good or bad, it’s about ‘the experience’. This may lead those who haven’t flowed with the times to view certain actions disdainfully and charge the ‘nu-beings’ with indiscretion.

I urge ‘nu-beings’ not to condemn those who see you as different. Don’t spend time fighting or convincing ones to see it your way.

The 7th virtue of Maat is ‘Be free from resentment under the experience of persecution’

By attending to your own development you will be untroubled by another’s antagonism.

You will only get caught in a battle of guilt and shame and this will burden you. Be wise as your new found sense of freedom may bring you into situations and relationships you may later regret. Some things simply cannot be avoided however, drop all fears and with them the clothes of expectations and the bags of ideals. It’s your emotional nakedness that will allow you to transcend.

Use the chart below to keep you balanced and within the spirit of Aset & Maat.

Five (5) The Positive expressions and Negative expressions of five.

Positive Expressions








Negative Expressions


Unable to make commitment













The Clock of Giza

Batwa People of Uganda

New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

The Gods of The Egyptians by E. A.Wallis Budge

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  1. Beautifully written, an inspiring and expansive start to the year. I’m really feeling this. Going to keep reading and reminding myself. Thank you Pablo for sharing your vision and knowledge.

  2. Thank you Pablo, will keep that in mind and will send the message around me.

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