The Smai Scrolls: The 2012 new paradigm



In preparation to move into the new paradigm known as 2012 I am spending the next 10 days on a mental negativity fast where my task is to remain positive by thinking positive thoughts and if I catch myself in a negative thought process for more than five minutes, I must start again the next day.

The shift into the 2012 paradigm will require tons of positive thinking, clarity, cleanliness within and listening to spirit. When in deep water one becomes a deep sea diver. Within the storm one learns to dance gracefully with the chaos.

Many have pointed to the Mayan calendar in reference to the earth changes, I wish to remind ones that Ancient Afrikans have also had their say about this time and the shift into the 5th dimension, we certainly must not be alarmed.

The Zulu, the Dogon, the Egyptians and Native American tribes (Hopi and Peublo) who mixed with Afrikans prior to Columbus, speak of the changes and shifts. Ignore the greater part of Hollywood mindset played out for us regarding this time, be anxious over nothing, the last thing you want is drama and to be fearful. Remember that deep down every actor wants to leave the stage and be himself.

The awakening for many is fiercely being disputed with the beckoning of global economic breakdown and material illusions being exposed. Your true self calls for more from your existence, the inevitable rhythm cannot be avoided.

This is a cycle of time which for some is an ascending spiral and for others, virtual visual televised multi-media reality ‘terra-forming’ – taking the psyche and nervous system on a downward spiral.

But, remember you can create new realities and new media, from a free mind based in love. There are some tools that can assist in this, these include:

1. Ritual and a process of detoxification on a physical, mental and soul level is an imperative aspect.

2. Honoring the divine mother that resides within as the great nurturer and lover.

3. Meditation and communing with self.

4. Letting go and letting the divine will be done


Rising of Sibtu (Sirius) ceremony on December 31st.

This is the star constellation of Aset which you can find out more about by referring to practices and ceremonies of the Dogon nation of Mali Africa.*

Sirius can be seen all over the world in the Southern horizon as a bright star. Close by you will see 3 stars The Three King’, Sahu/Orion’s belt between the horizon and the zenith on December 31st midnight. The Rising of Sibtu also known as the Sept ceremony is usually conducted outside and begins at 11pm with readings on Aset, Nebthet and Maat, all meditations are over at midnight.

Readings on the pyramid texts, Pert Hem Heru Coming forth by Day, Asar, Heru and Maat all teach on the resurrection and the birth of a New Year.

These characters are, ‘you’, the initiate, and should be seen as such. If you want to bring the new year in with meditation, here are some things you can do to prepare:

1. Take a bath or Shower

  • Herbs or oils can be placed in the bath.
  • Oils and incense used: myrrh, rose, sandalwood or jasmine

2. Put on loose clothing that you have set aside specifically for meditation.

  • The clothing should be 100% cotton or some other natural material like silk or hemp.
  • Natural materials allow the skin to breath. Use the same clothing each time you meditate.

3. Go to your special room or place you have reserved for meditation. Put the phone on silent or switch it off, close the door leaving instructions on it that you should not be disturbed for a period you have chosen.

4. When you sit for meditation light a candle and burn some incense.

  • Be as comfortable as you can when sitting for meditation use cushions etc.
  • Maintain a straight back position sitting in a cross-legged posture (easy pose), Nefertem (Lotus) or lay back on the floor (without falling asleep) in Mummy (Corpse pose) or in Aset (Goddess stretch) soles of the feet together drawn back to the groin, fingers and hands interlocking (Aset lock) placed on your navel.
  • When meditating you can use affirmations. (If you would like a list of affirmations contact me at Please find some examples below:

1: Aset Affirmation

I Tread The Three-Fold Path Of Love, Power And Knowledge

My Life Is A Sacred Journey

Towards My Wholeness

My Deepest Feelings Are My Truest Guide.

Every Loss Brings Me Closer To Myself.

2: Het-Heru Affirmation

I Am Always Guided By


I Dance Lightly On The Path To Myself

My Beauty Changes And Increases

I Draw From The Limitless Source Of Love

I Give To Others

3: Nebthet Affirmation

I Can Reach Down

Into My Shadow To Discover My Light

I Never Conceal Anything From Myself

Everything I Dream Is True

I Can Always Be Found

By What Is Truly Mine

We are Nubeings** in 2012 and spiritual awareness is the beginning of the Unified Field of Love.


Sources and supporting information:

*Research the following…

  • Egyptian Temples constructed to align with Sibtu/Sirius and the Three Kings the Orion’s belt associated with Asar/Osiris known as the Sahu/Orion constellation.
  • Trinity cipher and language of Ancient Egypt.

**Nu ( Ancient Egyptian primordial Chaos) Nub or Neb (Master or Golden) Being (evolved state of human)

Recommended reading

  • ‘They Came before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America’ by Ivan Van Sertima
  • ‘Mysticism of Ushet Rekhat: Worship of the Divine Mother’ by Dr Muata Ashby
  • ‘Coming forth by day’ – Pyramid Texts
  • Blog talk radio show —> How to celebrate the winter solstice

3 Responses to “The Smai Scrolls: The 2012 new paradigm”

  1. I was reading about The Mayan calender and Sirius yesterday and came across this post today. Pablo thank you for sharing the knowledge so concisely.

    Lightworker and so much more. I see you x

  2. Very good reminder for positive thinking. I love these affirmations and look forwards to using them. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Pablo, new affirmations that I will use and share with my sisters. It is nice to have one about Nebhet as I don’t have much information about her.

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