The Cost of Peace & Happiness

Last week, I made a big decision I’m moving. I’m leaving my 2 bedroom, 2 storey flat in Greenwich to a better 2-3 bedroom, 2 storey flat in Greenwich.

Ok, so the big decision may not be that I’m moving, but it is that I’m willing to pay up to £2,300 per month for rent. Don’t get me wrong, I did ask myself, ‘Self, should I spend this much money on renting?” But my response was simple: ‘Yes, Self…although purchasing property is a great investment – it’s not for you right now. You want & desire the flexibility of moving when you feel like it whether that’s across London or across the globe.’ So I had my answer.

Now to many people, this is nothing, it’s what they pay per week. To others, it’s too much & I’m considered an idiot for spending that much on a rental. But for me it’s just right. It’s how much peace costs – to me – and I’m excited that that’s the total cost. I don’t know I always envisioned that peace would cost so much more…

How have you figured out what peace costs’ you ask? Easy I’ve realised I didn’t feel completely at home’ in my flat & realising, probably (if I thought about it long enough – which I don’t want to do) I never had felt at home…anywhere. I realised because I didn’t feel at home’ in my home meant I spent money in other areas that were just filling this gap. So I thought what if I just reallocated money in my budget towards the thing I really wanted which was a place that I could truly call home’.

Now in order for you to truly understand me & my decision you have to understand my background. No, it’s not full of guns, knives, violence, poverty but it is full of mediocrity and no true inspiration for my living space.

I grew up like most of us in my parents’ house. Their décor, their choices, their rules. From then until now, I’ve never lived in places where I felt the peace of being at home’. Whether I was in a university dormitory, renting a cheap, uninspiring flat in NY while I saved money to buy my own place, and then buying a place I could afford & be comfortable in – I’ve never truly loved any of them.

So that brings us to my current flat. I’ve got an amazing amount of space, great location, and I’m not just comfortable’, but happy kinda’ sorta. But I don’t love it. I can hear EVERYTHING happening on the streets around me ALL day and ALL night. I don’t like that the flat wasn’t renovated properly, so it’s like I live in a funhouse – I never know what’s going to work or not work from day-to-day. Bu when I increased my rent budget by approximately £500 the places I’ve seen, are pretty much exactly what I’ve been desiring wonderful, modern renovations, a bit of outdoor space, multi-level, and nice quiet neighbourhood…providing not just actual peace at home’, but peace of mind.

So, I’m reallocating money from my dining out’ budget and putting it towards my rent’ budget. This simple process is going to give me the peace I’ve been searching for (and didn’t even realise)…


I challenge you figure out how much peace is worth to you, and what you need to do to make it happen.

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