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Dear Readers, I write to you from my bed at 11:39 pm on Monday 4th July. A day I will never forget as it is taking every last bit of energy to type. Today is day 4 or 5 (I’ve lost count and my brain can’t think backwards at this time) of me upping my exercise regime.

30th July is looming and I intend to run (and maybe cycle – I’ll share a little story about it later) the Virgin Active Triathlon and complete it in good time (I’m not pushing to be 1st or 2nd at this point, but I don’t want to run into the back of an ambulance van and end up in a hospital bed for 2 weeks either!) In the top 10 would be good…maybe top 20.

It all started at some point last week when I realised that I was in the last week of June and I had not done as much training as I had hope. Now being an Aries woman I can be competitive at times and I’ve never done a triathlon before let alone the London Marathon (and it’s been a long while since I ran around Finsbury Park!). So I had a coach / trainee talk with myself (which made look like I was possessed by Don King and Muhammad Ali if anyone was to spy on me) and I promised myself that I would do what I was doing but better and more frequent. So I called Ms BM (without the W).

Now I have not been in Ms BM (without the W) good books as my training session were not consistent and in this game they have to be. So she decided to give me a taste of what it would be like to actually do the triathlon. Now, I’m game for (almost) anything and I stepped up to the challenge.

So she started me of on the treadmill. I’m OK on the treadmill as in my (slightly) younger years I was a sprinter (I still have my spike running shoes and yes they still fit). So I’m running, running and Ms BM (without the W) started to increase the speed. I allowed her once but when I saw her French manicure finger going to increase the speed again I turn into a New York Cop and said ‘Hold it there, I think that’s enough!’ Bearing in mind that it was my first session back in a week I thought it was reasonable to not burn out too quick.

So she then put me on the bike. Now, me and any bike in any gym don’t work. I find them heightist’ they never seem to fit me properly, no matter the make or the location. But remembering I’m under instruction from Ms BM (without the W) I thought I’d keep it to myself and cycle through. So I’m cycling, cycling, cycling away and I’m thinking how much longer am I going to be cycling for. It was as if she read my mind ‘OK, doing well, you’ve got 10 more minutes’ 10 MORE MINUTES ON A HEIGHTIST BIKE!! Then the manicured finger comes into my view and she increases the speed. Now, in my head I’m cussing all kind of cussing but just like I said in my previous post (HOLD IT DOWN & WORK IT OFF) I had to hold it down and work it off. This is when the Personal Trainer really comes into play. It’s for my benefit and this pain will only be for a period of time.

After what felt like eternity (without the Calvin Klein for women or men) she said ‘Right lets go back on the treadmill!’ with a spring in her step; and when she says Let’s‘ I know she is referring to just ME! So I’m thinking she’s going to give me at least 3 minutes to adjust before I start jogging, she tells me No. This woman starts the machine and I had to fix up sharp! She said that this is what I should expect when I’m doing it for real. In my mind I said ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, and if not, you don’t know me!’ but yet again I had to hold it down and work it off.

It must have been 3 minutes into the run when I saw myself come out of myself and was running beside myself. My head was dizzy, my legs were like part Bambi part cow grazing. My bum was like Mr Blobby jiggling away with my knickers riding up – going where I don’t know (I wore my big pants this session). My arms were like Rocky when he was at the end of the fight – I had no control over them. My eyes felt like they were two balls in a jar that a child was shaking and in this scenario the child was the treadmill. I said out loud ‘You know what? This can’t work!’ Mate, the transition from the bike to the treadmill was ridiculous and if this was what it was going to be like: I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! I vowed that I was going to call Richard (Branson) and say that I was out.

That session nearly killed me. But like I said I’m a Aries woman and I like a competition so the next day instead of calling Richard I called myself a few positive names and I put on my gym clothes and I did two Zumba classes! From that day to this I have been working out everyday and boy is my body feeling it. I might have burnt the candles at both ends but I’m seeing the results.

In a way, this training for the triathlon is a really great way to kick start my healthy living lifestyle. If you’re like me and need a goal to get started – do it! Talk with some friends and together set the goal. You’ll have fun on the way. Another reason goes back to a blog I wrote a few weeks back when I said I wanted to be healthy for the rest of my life. I have taken a long hard look at what I put into my body and I can honestly say it has been hard. Hard to keep the momentum going but when you hear and read about how food can play and be a significant part of your life not only living but also preventing illness it is truly amazing.

I received an email a while back about why ‘Chinese women don’t get breast cancer’. It was about a woman, a scientist, professor Jane Plant CBE who had breast cancer and wanted to know how (with her seemingly healthy life style) she developed it and her research into the Chinese way of life. It turns out (from her research) that Chinese people do not drink milk or eat any dairy products and in comparison to the 1 in 12 women in Britain that may die from breast cancer to virtually non-existent with one in 10,000 in China. Motivated by her findings she adapted this to her own diet and cured herself of cancer.

Her book Your Life In Your Hands‘ not only tells her story but also explains her discoveries on how to prevent and beat breast cancer and prostate cancer. There is still alot of debate about the validity of this research which you can find on a number of cancer support discussion forums, but I think it’s worth investigating – as prevention is better than cure. If there is one book that is going to add to my book list, it is this one.

Also check out Ras Daniel Babu. He is a Rastafarian holistic healer who lives in Tokyo and is on tour in the UK on 6th, 7th, 9th,10th and 13th July. For venue details call 020 7226 4016 / 0790 327 7175 or send an email to

Have a fit week! x

3 Responses to “Fitness & Food: Prevention is better than cure”

  1. Rumana Sheikh July 5, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Very funny and very insightful, particularly the cancer research section. Good luck with your training with Ms BM (without the W). I can personally relate to what you’re going through in your training sessions with her – she takes no prisoners that’s for sure!

  2. Too funny Tameka. I’m looking forward to cheering you on from the sidelines. Maybe we should make it a PH Blogger day out!

  3. Teresa Raymond July 5, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Welcome to the world of BM and her fitness I can assure you that you will work hard. I felt your pain and your blog made me laugh so much. Continue with the hard work. From a dedicated member of BM fitlife family

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