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Fitness, Food, Massage & Ras Babu

It’s Tuesday again, and I’m here! Hope you are all well and healthy today. First of all I want to thank my friend Sophia Amoah…

I’m ‘strictly’ on the ‘No Diet’ diet

Two weeks ago I was doing great; going to the gym with Miss BM (without the W). Last week I was good; eating breakfast and planning meals. This week, I’m doing bad (and it’s only Tuesday!).

Food & Fitness = Fab-boo-las!!

Hello again people Tameka here yet again! Thank you so much for your comments I’m glad I’m not the only one that has issues with…

Let’s Get Physical

Hello, Bonjour! Greetings! Yes, it’s me (‘again Jah Jah!’ for all you reggae connoisseurs out there). Tameka Empson the one – the only; actress, comedienne,…

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