Sunshine and Pilates

For the last couple of weeks or so now I have been walking around with a larger than normal smile on my face because of the delightful weather we’re experiencing. Am I dreaming or is it really sunny right now? If I am please don’t wake me…

Could this be a glimpse of how our Summer will be this year or am I just hopeful and this is it?

I have a small bet on with my boyfriend (no one will really forfeit) who believes that we will not have much of a Summer this year and that the good weather we’re experiencing right now is all we’re getting. Me being a “glass half full, rather than a glass half empty” kind of girl believes otherwise and thinks that this is just a taste of what’s to come. Who’s with me??

Nothing puts you in a better mood then great weather and some form of exercise. It could be walking (like recommended by our Fabulous Friday writer – Zena), cycling, jogging, cardio, swimming or even dancing. My chosen exercise is Pilates!

Pilates not only takes care of my physical needs, it also meets my mental needs too. You’re probably asking what I mean by that, so let me make myself somewhat clearer.

I’ve been attending my weekly Pilates class for four years now, taught by the lovely Victoria Arter at Brockwell Lido – Fusion. The dramatic improvement to my physique and posture is astounding, before then I always suffered from lower back problems and although my sessions with my osteopath were working, it was posing to be too expensive to keep up. So the simple and economical solution was Pilates.

Furthermore, it stretches my spine making me look and feel more elongated. Plus, this form of exercise enables me to focus and concentrate more deeply which is very complimentary to the practise of meditation which I already do. Concentration is essential for this form of exercise, it is very important that you are focused at all times when doing Pilates, especially on your body which is particularly easy. It is claimed that the way the exercises are done far out way the importance of the exercise themselves.

Both practises incorporates the importance of the spine; in meditation you work with your Kundalini (dormant potential force) which sits at the base of the spine and Pilates works with strengthening the spine by first strengthening the stomach, otherwise known as the “Powerhouse”.

For a bit of trivia now, did you know that the word Pilates comes from the Creator of the exercise who was called Joseph Pilates? According to what I’ve read up on him, as a child Joseph Pilates was poorly who suffered from rickets which affected his bone structure and as a result he dedicated his entire life to improving his physical strength.

That’s my mind body and soul all complete after a Pilates class which sets me up perfectly to embrace the week ahead.

Have a wonderful Easter break, but most of all have a Soulful Sunday!


6 Responses to “Sunshine and Pilates”

  1. the weather is so good the pilates should be done outside no doubt!
    Nice article Kehinde

    • Kehinde Olarinmoye April 24, 2011 at 7:30 pm

      Thanks Rob, I agree I would love to take a Pilates outside in the sunshine. I will speak to my Pilates instructor to see if this is possible.

      Tell me Rob, have you ever done Pilates?

      All the best,

  2. Hi Kehinde
    Was just discussing this with Kat. Might give this a go at the local leisure centre. I like how it can tie in with the meditation (which I haven’t started yet!!)


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