Stuck: – in a rut

Hello I’m Lisa Bent and welcome to the PH ZONE. This month has been a strange month for me. Strange in the sense that I have felt, and still feel stuck and un motivated. This happens from time to time and people have different ways of moving through it…

I tend to stay with the feeling until I am ready to move out of it, holistically. When I feel like this it usually means I need to pay attention to something, be still or re-evaluate where I am at. I don’t feel okay right now but I am grateful, open and know this feeling will soon pass because I am paying attention.


Robert Schuller said “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”

There is light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to keep walking through it, until all becomes clear. Which it will because I am seeking it.

How does feeling stuck make you feel?   How do you deal it with it?   In what ways does it impact on other areas of your life?  And is there anything you can do to serve as hopeful reminder that all will be okay?


Who we are is at the centre of everything. Look within to help explain your world and change your world. You have been listening to The PH ZONE- Find your balance.

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