Stop making excuses about getting fit!


Do you make excuses about getting fit? Too busy?

The amount of times I hear the same thing over and over again when it comes to exercising to get fit and healthy.

The main excuse is…“I’m too busy.”

I have work and deadlines to make; my child needs me because of sickness; I’m too busy to eat healthily that’s why I have takeaway. The problem here is that you are not managing your time well.

How to manage your time to stop making excuses about getting fit.

Ask yourself, is it so difficult that you can’t take out one hour in the day to get yourself back in good physical shape? Start with organising your daily chores, and find at least one uninterrupted hour during the day when you can do something for your own health. Time management is the key here.

How do I stick to a diet plan to help me with my goal of getting fit

Another excuse I often hear is I can’t stick to a diet plan

There are so many weird and wonderful diet plans going around I kind of understand that excuse but only to a certain degree. Carbs for one, proteins only for another, absolutely no fat in yet another. Many diets promote fitness with a low carb high protein intake. They may give you instant weight loss but they are not healthy. The problem is that you don’t have a healthy diet plan worth following.

Should I go to a professional nutritionist?

To overcome this why not visit a professional nutritionist as part of your goal of getting fit. Going to a professional is an easy way to solve the problem. Get a diet plan designed for your needs. Each human being is different. If you want a diet that provides you with enough nutrition to be fit and still keeps your weight under control, go get a diet plan designed to your needs. That way you will be able to stick with the diet and stay healthy.

Healthy food is too expensive. This stops me from getting fit.

My final excuse, which I also hear is healthy food is too expensive. Admittedly it is often cheaper to purchase three items for lunch off the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s than to buy a healthy meal like a salad but with the constant price war between the major supermarkets you can have your daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables without paying more than you need to. You just need to keep an eye out for bargains and offers.

From today, try and stop making these excuses to live a happy fit and healthy life!


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