Smai Scrolls: The Natural Hair – Faru ‘Lock of Youth’



The Faru (Lock of Youth)

A journalist once made a statement about my person by referring to me as an eccentric and calling the hair I wear a ‘freaky ponytail’. I corrected her by telling her that firstly the tight curled hair people’ cannot have pony tails simply because the hair anatomically does not resemble that of a pony’s tail and secondly what I wear on my head is for a deep respect for my ancestors, called a Faru, also known as the lock of youth’ worn by warrior kings throughout Sudan.

Faru represents a young man’s strength

The Faru goes as far back as Khonsu and Horus of ancient Egypt. The Faru is not a style; it’s not a fashion statement and it does not represent a form of rebellion or political position, it is a lock of youth that represents a young man’s strength.

Natural Hair Renaissance

In urban African culture, in the schools and corporate structures; ideas around keeping the hair natural can be crippling to the wearer; for example you just don’t get the promotion or job, or the teacher does not pay you any attention, or makes comments to undermine your self esteem.

When it come to hair in these particular communities natures ideas are dying out as quickly as fish out of water. Meanwhile in the diaspora natural styles meet resistance headlong and are undergoing a renaissance.

For so many in the world today what people have on your scalp is a style. Where did the view of hair as adornment or defining whether you are decent human being or not began? Where is the beginning of this love and hate that reflects in the way we wear our hair?

In Africa, hair for so many outside of western influence was more than just a style. The African hair denotes status and culture, whether you are an adolescent or married. Dreadlocks today are the modern day representation of the ’70’s black is beautiful Afro’. Locks are the physical representation of freedom and liberation on the head.

Is African hair spirtual?

The African hair also has spiritual implications it literally operates as an antenna that connects Africans to their cosmic and inter-dimensional relatives. Africans have a particular texture of hair that makes Africans unique. Take a close look at afro-hair from the follicle see how it grows into tight curls of 999 interconnected, nine to the ninth power of 9. Egyptian maths and Pythagoras will tell you this is a definition of infinite. The only way to unravel this type of hair is to kill it.

Remember, you are truly beautiful whether you carry a Faru, braids, dreadlocks or Afro. Know that beauty is not your only function – you are also a singular thread going back into antiquity telling an ancient story in the here and now.


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  1. Beautiful and insightful….thank you!

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