Moving From Thinking To Non-Thinking

‘If Knowledge is the key, then ignorance is the door’ Khonsu Sekhem Ptah

What is the meaning behind such a statement? Does this mean that if Knowledge is the Key then Ignorance is the Door?

It does not mean, ‘One’ must go and embrace as many books as possible; read knowledge and you are all right. The ‘key’ regarding knowledge is that everyone thinks they know something; and some think they know more than others – what they call the facts – concepts, history, mystery or philosophy.

We live in a world of such sophistication and articulation where some are brain dead through these means; and some are so wrapped up in their thinking, over working the muscle in the head and not flexing the heart strings, that they have gradually become the living dead.


Know thy self’.

The axiom of the ancient ones written on the pylons of ancient Egypt. This is an important part of Smai, (Yoga) as knowing oneself is self-empowering.

Afrikan Yoga: A Practical Guide to Wellbeing through Smai Posture Breath and Meditation by Pablo Imani



What does ‘If Knowledge is the Key then Ignorance is the Door’ mean?

Knowing oneself is interconnectivity.

The real trick of knowledge is that if you do not know yourself, then what you think you know is absolutely useless in this dimension. Be ready to lose it.

Lose what? you may ask. Lose yourself; because without the experience of loss there will be no real gain – no gain of self. This is a paradox. The sages and wise ones always speak in paradox from Tehuti, Buddha, Jesus, to Muhammad.


Find you, by first losing what you think is you.

In this new dimension you are going to have to unlearn what you feel is your extension – your religion, your education, your experiences, your role in life and loosen the grip of the fabric of your life and re-learn you. It’s going to happen anyway and for some it is happening right now.

You are not the body and you are certainly not the mind, your ramblings or your thoughts. Aristotle, Plato, Sartre and Nietzsche are all ramblers, philosophers, and thinkers. Thinkers are wonderful masturbators of the brain. Powerfully stroking egos, as the elongated debaters of conceptual thought. Yet not truly penetrating the veils of the psychology of the mind and soul. They dance around it, they cloud the clarity and beauty of the divine self’ and go on living and floating within that cloud.

It is a happy place but the real you can be a frightening place, the thinkers wish to remain in the euphoria. This dance is only the creation of drama and mental movies that in turn will terrorise them.

Why is this? Because the real you is empty not full and this is what scares the thinkers. Where you really are, there is simply nothing to think about and nothing to do.

Do you think because you are afraid of feeling empty?

The emptiness is the vast pervasive primordial you. The non-separation, the integration and with this there is no need to compare as thinkers do. Everything stands still yet moves deeply. All is one and you are one with the All.

Ignorance is where you go on thinking you know, not willing to stop filling yourself with ideas and ideals, not willing to face emptiness. To cross the threshold and pass through the door one must lighten their load.

This dimension is asking you to stop thinking now.

Note from Pablo Imani: Read this piece three times and with each reading a different level will be revealed.



“Discern Yourself from the effects that happen in You” – Satsang with Mooji

Know Thy Self by KRS-ONE

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