Smai Scrolls: Listen and find sound healing



Listen and find sound healing within the realm of the senses

The eyes, differentiates, compares, analyses and ultimately makes mistakes in measurement, hence the term optical illusions.

“The eye takes a person into the world, the ear brings the world into the human being”. Lorenz Oken.

We see only in three dimensions yet we hear in multi dimensional layers of symphonies. We receive sound vibrations that visit us from distances known and unknown. The ear keeps us balanced and allows us to walk the straight line – the path.

The ear is an area of sensitivity not only because of its three distinct divisions Inner, Middle and External ear also it is an erogenous zone that excites even in the absence of visual stimulation both in sound of a sultry voice and touch. The Ear is the receptive feminine quality of our senses, obtaining outward messages that are accurate to the T.

The eye is masculine utilizing powers of perception and persuasion, it hunts. No wonder in a Retina-occipital society governed by patriarchy we are surrounded by the noise of aggression and the aggression of noise. In the city the decibel rises, to escape is almost futile, noise not sound surrounds immediately and vastly. In a Retina-occipital culture we will find misconceptions, misperceptions of what is. Even in our sleep the refrigerator drones on.

Indigenous peoples have an auditory-acoustic culture it is porous full of understanding, receptive, patient, more inclined to nurturing, a willingness to serve (without domination) Hu-manity. In the yogic system of Tamare Ancient Afrika, *HU acknowledged as the principle of sound and the creative force of thought vibrations the divine utterance of all things and the Neter of the senses. The Ancient Afrikan scientist silently received information of the stars and planets and patiently mapped them out in the blackness of space, birthing the zodiac, astrology and astronomy this had to be in balanced with the ear as well as the eyes. They understood the vibratory quality of HU in chromatics, harmonics and physics through and with a reverence to the ear.

My favorite places growing up where the libraries the denizen temples of urban civilizations not only because of playing the game of finding truth mangled in the lies buried there but because of the insistence of silence. The ear unites bringing waves of light in the form of sound to our awareness with mathematical accuracy. The sense of hearing is the last to disappear when a person goes into the state of unconsciousness, sleep or death and it is the first sense to be activated when one returns from sleep or becomes conscious.


I often ask talkative children ‘Do you learn by talking or by listening?’

Practice silence for 1-2 hours a day and let the purest of sound come from within you allow it to unite with sound outside of you. Embrace the purest of sound that emanates from the earth at 8 mega hertz, tuning our being. Practice the art of listening that minimizes error in judgment primarily of your self and secondarily of others. Listening provides a pause in noise. Silence is enhanced potency of sound that enriches our existence. In silence we hear our inner-being divine in nature and the hum of natural life around us. We hear HU within and out of us and meet HU connecting the HU in man, HU-man. Silence is a means of tapping into the deeper constructs of our being and affecting our atmosphere with power.

Listen. Silently love and see the world change right before your eyes.

Nine (9) Tools for Sound Healing

1. Tones of the vocal chords with nasal

2. Tuning Forks

3. Gongs

4. Singing Bowls

5. Natural Instruments

6. Drums

7. Hikau

8. Inner Sounds

9. Colours


The Power of Silence by Carlos Castaneda

Egyptian Rhythm by Moustafa Gadalla

Metu Neter Vol. 1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen

The Third Ear by Joachim Ernst Berendt


Lorenz Oken

Spirit Rap – The Legendary Invocation


Hu – The sound of all sounds


Hu Sound Healing


Jonathan Goldman’s – Healing Sounds


*Hu divine utterance creative force of will is activated in the movements of HUDU Afrikan Yoga (intention through breath and sound/vibration). Kemetic words that hold the mantra/Hu. TeHUti -wisdom SHU -air KHU mental SaHU heavenly/spiritual state


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