Khem – Blackness

Khem – Blackness

In Ancient times in Egypt, when you achieved the title Khem it was an honour as this was one of the highest titles to be obtained.

What is khem?

Khem is blackness and from it came alchemy and a multitude of sciences.

We now move to the balance.

I Am

A Poem by Pablo Imani inspired by Khem


I am that was before time

I am present at the unveiling of creation

The one they call mysterious only because some cannot see through me.

I covered the faces of those from another galaxy

On the other side of the morning star

That covered all the greatest endurable athletes of the world.

The one that moves within the deep

The one that dwells and ignites creative juices

Creator of the creators

No heights are measured within my realm but by me.

No depth can sustain me

The impregnable

They say I am secret, some call me bad

But surely I am for the good and the bad;

because only through me you can come into the light and to me you must return.

Through I is enlightenment and restful meditation.

Empowering the psyche within me one must fight for hope or surely die

Within me two must embrace love and procreate

I am the seduction

I am sensual

I am the one that walked the face of the earth, lied and spat on


The bringer of culture the splatter of colour, the Nubian pyramid builder

They named a time of woe after me to slander my name

Yes I am attractive, unsurpassed and menacing when my wrath is kindled

The super lover, supersensitive, super thick

Out of me all was born and stories untold unfold

I am ultra-violet light, sonic sound, in me planetary distances are found

Light of heaven and earth recorded in your birth, glimpses of me your comfortability

I am a radio traveller tiptoeing ethers some never reaches they lay on beaches

just to taste some of my sonar.

Come smell my aroma

Tia Maria women beckoning sweet toothed sweet lipped sweet smelling

The science of sound right reasoning

Here before there was a here

There before there was a there

I am in the air

I am your beginning and your end knowing you all skim of the trends I lend

I am intellect cause and effect supreme balancement

Infinite and minute enveloping cells come draw from my well

I am the cool calmness of the soul, the syrupy sweetness likened to that of love

I am seen in death as I am seen in the womb

The cool calmness of the soul

A conductor of energy a feeder of the sun

The coooooool calmness of the soul, the churning heat of life

Surely you must know?

I blackness

I am blackness, I am blackness, I am blackness, blackness, blackness, blackness, blackness, blackness, blackness.

(c) Pablo Imani



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