The song in my head


I woke up this morning with the song “Walk Like An Egyptian” by the American girl group ‘The Bangles’ swimming around in my head. I have absolutely no idea why this song in particular decided to make an appearance.

Could it have been because I recently visited the East African country? I could expand on my experiences and the treasures of this beautiful country, but I will leave it to our frequent traveller Michelle who writes ‘Travel Thursdays’.

Who remembers the American legal-comedy drama ‘Ally McBeal‘ played by actress Calista Flockhart? I’m making reference to ‘Ally McBeal’ because she constantly had songs randomly popping into her head for no rhyme or reason. What sets us apart is the dancing baby…at this point, you’re either laughing or pulling a freakish face because the one thing that disturbed me about that programme was the dancing baby!

Back to the song…why is this song in particular in my head? I think it’s perfectly natural to wake up with a song in your head. I wonder if there are real medical benefits (although I’ve not researched it myself) to singing in your head? If like me you’re unable to hold a decent note; it’s probably best you don’t sing out loud, especially if you share a living space.

In my profession, not being able to hold a tune is probably not a good thing…or does it really matter?! As long as there is nothing wrong with my hearing I would simply use the statement: Leave it to the professionals!

At this time of year especially when the flowers are in bloom and the birds are tweeting (no reference to the social network – Twitter) one would expect their head to be filled with songs like: “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers or even “Easy” by the Commodores. Don’t these songs just put you in the sweetest of moods?

The list of songs I would have chosen or much preferred are endless, but going back to the song selected my internal “shuffle” begs the question: what subliminal message is being given to me? Is it like a dream that I need to interpret?

In the few lines of the first verse the song says: “All The Old Painting On The Tombs They Do The Sand Dance Doncha Know, If They Move Too Quick (Oh Wey Oh) They’re falling Down Like A Domino”. What the h@%^ are the girls singing about?!

Whatever the meaning behind the song or the songs in your heads this morning, embrace them and know that there is probably a little message in there somewhere.

For now, I cannot have the song stuck on automatic repeat with this same tune whizzing around in my mind, especially when I should be meditating. It’s time to calm my thoughts and enter into my subconscious.

Have a blessed Soulful Sunday.

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