pH Interview Series – Finding Your Balance: Jahdusha V Shines

The next instalment in our interview series covers an area that is said to be the most important part of our human body, the brain.

Let’s face it we cannot function without ours, so it’s only natural that we nurture and nourish it with as much knowledge as possible.

What if I told you that it’s just as important to ‘Balance’ our brain as it is to feed it, would you want to know more? Luckily for you, I have had the good pleasure in crossing paths with someone who has had that exact experience and is more than happy to share with us what exactly ‘Balancing’ the brain entails.



Hello Jahdusha, does your name carry a meaning?

Yes, it means ‘God’s light/Ray of Sunshine’. My father gave me my name.

How would you describe your occupation?

I am an Ambassador for Peace and Equilibrium of MBSS (mind, body, soul and spirit). In other words, I facilitate a programme here in the UK called the EQ2100 programme.

What is the EQ2100 programme?

The EQ2100 programme is a comprehensive training programme designed to raise your awareness and intelligence on all levels. you can raise your consciousness and achieve your full potential through this process.

Is there an age limit for the EQ2100 programme?

No, there is no age limit for the ‘Balancing Programme’. However, the EQ2100 programme DO NOT accept participants under the age of seven, and/or without an accompanying participating parent.

How long does the EQ2100 programme generally take to complete?

In most cases one can expect to be ‘Balanced’ in as short as 8 months or up to 48 months. Seldom has anyone become “Locked And Balanced” in less than this time and many people do not achieve this momentous experience until they have committed to themselves and focused diligently twice per day, within a 24 hour daily timescale. Just as a child must grow, so must the consciousness of the individual and this requires time and spiritual growth. There is no ‘fast food’ equivalent to obtaining spiritual maturity.

What circumstance, if at all, brought you to what you do right now?

Depression, stress and addictions proved to be catalysts that forced me into making drastic lifestyle changes that subsequently ‘reminded’ my person of who and what we are.

It is said that our paths are already predetermined, so would you agree by saying that this profession was already chosen for you or did you choose this path for yourself?

I would like to say ‘I’ chose my path, but it has become clear that my path has chosen me, or perhaps ‘eye’ chose it before birth. But all arrows point to being an ‘inspirer and motivator with communication in the arts’ for my person.

How long have you been conducting this programme?

Unconsciously probably most of my life, but consciously nearly 3 years.

Can anyone teach this programme once they’re locked?

Yes, with the necessary training, pure love in heart and divine intentions towards all that is, definitely. It is not just about being balanced and locked, it is about ‘reclamation of your natural state/divinity/peace/self governance’. Oftentimes, this is our journey, not our destination…a constant evolving work in progress.If you had to give ONE reason why everyone should do this programme, what would that reason be?

To fulfil your full potential! No half stepping, not finishing what you started, lack of confidence and self sabotaging habitual behaviours. Also, to grow and develop and kick limitation to the curb!

Amongst your clients have you noticed any major transformations in their lives that you can share with us?

Yes, most definitely. The is a clear consensus of inner peace / calmness. We have also witnessed profound healing of severe dis-eases within the body. Please note, this depends heavily on an individual’s self love and commitment to help themselves. There is no such thing as an incurable dis-ease, only a stubborn or addicted entity who insists on being a victim. However, there is NO SUCH THING AS A VICTIM…only self sabotage and SIN=Self Inflicted Nonsense.


Has there been any reported side-effects, traumas, as a result of undergoing this programme?

Yes, people often express that they wish they had gotten on the program sooner, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to them. Vision becomes clearer, more inspired, creativity increased, calmness washes over them, even studying is easier.
There is no pain, drugs or adverse effects associated with program.


What tips can you give us to make 2013 an extra special year?

1. Become more soul conscious, instead of being solely body conscious. Without our Soul, we would not be able to see, taste, feel or exist. Time to truly know and love thyself.

2. Shine brightly, never be tempted to dim through fear, doubt or people pleasing! Do you and stay true. Love and respect the infinite you – your SOUL.


How does one get on to this programme if they’re interested?

Simply send an email to for further information.

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