Why November 6 is my ‘Fitness Trigger’

On this day in 2005 I ran the New York Marathon; it was an awesome experience. I can’t imagine turning up in New York and being told the night before that I was not able to run. As well as feeling for all those who have and are still facing the challenges of the devastation left by Sandy; my heart also goes out to all those runners who trained and raised money for various charities for months who were unable to put their hard work into action.

The New York Marathon is my ‘Fitness Trigger’

Every year as November approaches, my memory of the New York Marathon acts like a fitness trigger. It makes me reflect on my fitness levels to figure out if I am doing enough to stay fit and healthy. Do you have any events in your life that act as a ‘fitness trigger’?

Putting FitLife into my Healthstyle

This week the exercise part of my FitLife Challenge with Bella-Marie started. A couple of weeks previously she had given me a ten day detox diet before my trip to Jamaica which really helped me to check and regulate my eating patterns. It reminded me of what portions I really needed and when I was getting an urge to eat for comfort rather than sustenance. As Bella-Marie reminded me at our first workout session this weekend – exercise is only 30% of the challenge of maintaining a healthy body weight and fitness regime. She also highlighted that she could help me with my fitness plan and she could give some guidance on things to eat but I had to take ownership of my diet and fit it to my lifestyle.

She is right. The reality is – it is only me that knows what I am willing to change about my current healthstyle.

Do you have any tips on how you make sure you ‘eat right’ when implementing a new fitness regime? I’d be interested in how you fit eating right and fitness around work, children, relationships and socialising particularly during the winter.

Developing Fitness as a habit for the winter

Personal Trainer Bella-Marie of FitLife

My first session with Bella-Marie (as expected!) was intense but not as bad as I imagined. She was tough but fair and emphasised the importance of listening to my body – which is an extremely important principle to me as someone who practices yoga. The session with Bella-Marie was the ultimate whole body work out that really tested my fitness and strength levels.

With the weather becoming a bit nippy, I find myself more tempted to comfort eat and wrap up on the couch. The winter is the most challenging time to maintain a fitness routine especially with out a specific goal. For me, having a personal trainer is great support to get into a winter fitness routine and develop fitness as a habit for the festive season!

I’m looking forward to my Wednesday session.


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