Money: Is it important to you? Take the test.

How are you with money?

Money often makes people emotion; the idea of it, spending it, spending, the lack of it, giving it away…however, once you crack the code in how to spend and save it to suit your needs and your lifestyle it can be a great tool for freedom and security.

A friend introduced me to the BBC UK Labs: The Big Money Test on the BBC Lab UK yesterday. I took it this morning and was suprised to see how accurate it was. It has also given me the ‘kick up the butt’ needed to address some of the areas of development identified in the test.

Take the test. It could give you the ‘financial kick up the butt’ you need to better understand the gaps in your money knowledge and how your emotions effect your money decisions.

BBC Lab UK – Why are they doing this study?

Money is often seen as a taboo topic. Scientists know that people don’t always behave rationally when it comes to managing their money, but it’s not always clear where someone’s money habits come from. What motivates different kinds of people to spend or save? Does the generation you were born in affect your attitude to debt or are your money habits determined more by your family and friends?

By taking part in this study you will be helping scientists understand why different kinds of people think about money in different ways, which in turn will let experts offer more practical advice to help those who get into financial difficulty.

The results of this test will also benefit the whole scientific community. To take the test click here

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