Mindfully early…


Better late than never, right? Not according to my Acupuncturist…I was fifteen minutes late and she rescheduled me to next week. Rightly so, I say. I don’t know when it started but one minute I was always on time the next I caught the late bug…

Recently I have been proactively looking at the cause of my lateness – as even though it is not malicious I can see how it could be construed as disrespectful by others. Being one to want to make peace not war; when I started to see friends counting to ten when I approached them in the distance, I figured it was time to take a look in the mirror.

I had planned to write this blog post about my ‘ganglion’ condition, my Zumba class experience, my acupuncture for my hallux limitus, my great NHS surgery customer service experience, seeing the Floacist live with Raheem DeVaughn and Omar, The Phenomenal Healthstyle mention in this week’s Body Beautiful Voice Newspaper supplement, my emotional intelligence presentation, Afrikan Yoga awakening and my chocolate cravings but…I was late to post this blog so I don’t have time. Anyway, where was I, yes, lateness…

In pursuit for an answer to my condition I did a quick internet search and found an interesting question raised around the subject ‘Is perpetual lateness a real mental illness or is just laziness?’ My favourite response…“it is the disease of selfishness and not being considerate of others. Not caring about other people’s time. At least they don’t care enough to change their behavior because they are too selfish”

I quickly came off that site before I got to the comments that threaten to hunt down all late perpetrators and burn them at the stake…

On a serious note, I have realised that with out help there is only so many hours in the day and if we don’t prioritise and try to squeeze everything in we are likely to be…late at some point in that day or even worse, stressed out!

If I want to keep my friends and family, I think my multi-tasking days are numbered. A good friend of mine mentioned this week that she had told her friend that, I do in a day what she does in a week. The only other difference is that she is always on time and invariably I am not.

Reading the article called High Octane Women posted by Simone at I’MPOSSIBLE this week made me think. Have I subscribed to a Superwoman ideal of being able to do and have everything, and have I traded my time-keeping at the sacrifice of showing my friends and family the respect they deserve?

The Mental Health Foundation has launched a campaign called Be Mindful . In an interesting video by Professor Mark Williams featured on the site, he talks about how stress has increased over the past few decades and what impact this has on the body. He talks about how mindfulness can benefit anyone suffering from stress. It begs the question, in our overstimulated online and offline media world, are we doing too much and are we creating self-inflicted stress by trying to do more than practically possible?

Hmmm…I think I’m going to have to meditate on that one. Talking of meditation, I look forward to more tips from Kehinde (Soulful Sunday) as I’m always inspired by how such a lady in demand can invariably find the time to be on time and always arrive with an air of calm and tranquility. Now, that’s what I call Fabulous Dahling!

So this weekend I’m going to start decluttering and spend more time doing less not more. It’s going to be a challenge but I’m sure I’ll get there one ‘Small Step’ at a time. Next week is going to be ‘Just say No’ week. Unless there is a child in a burning building that needs rescuing then, I’m sure it can wait. Plus wearing your pants over your tights is so last season!

Have a Fabulous Friday!


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  1. Hi Zena,

    I resonated with your post today. I had an interview yesterday and I was late – I’ve never been late for an interview.

    There’s always lots to do but I agree, how should we decide what we should do from what we don’t (or can’t)?

    Even at work, being the ultimate Superwoman is now playing havoc with my health and affecting my quality of life so (and don’t tell anyone!) I field emails, desk calls, blackberry calls, iphone calls, android calls…. just so that I can get 30% of my work done.

    With our 21st century lifestyle, most of us are in need of a virtual personal assistant. But until I can afford one, I will be continuing to find ways to streamline my time so that I can respect other people’s time.

    As I can’t delegate my beauty sleep to someone else, I will do this myself – goodnight!

  2. Hi Desiree, I feel you – it is hard not to get sucked in. Get your beauty sleep lady – it’s a Fabulous Friday must!

    Looks like you may need a gadget detox! This pic comes to mind…http://bit.ly/iqpInj

    The Virtual assistant is a great idea, I remember reading about it in the ‘Four hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss. Maybe an idea would be to Virtual Assistant Pool (like car-pooling) until you can get one for yourself. What do you think?

    I am going to take part in a Mindfulness programme and go more regularly to Afrikan Yoga classes as I found the meditation and relaxation from the stretches were really helpful.

    I also read a quote from Gunilla Norris (http://bit.ly/Um9cJ ) today quoted in my Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort & Joy that

    “When we clean and order our homes we are somehow cleaning and ordering ourselves”. So on a rainy day like today maybe the best therapy for a busy life is to meditatively clean up our homes to take time to quiet our minds and cleanse ourselves.


  3. Zena

    You sent this blog to me to read for a reason (I could not begin to understand why 😉

    I loved this post as it is soo true. I don’t believe that I used to be that woman who was always ‘late’, that was my other friends not me??? But somehow I seem to have caught the ‘late bug’ and I sincerely want to get rid of it!!!

    Yes I am more busy now than I have ever been – but is that excusing me for being late to my next meeting, event, class, rehearsal, interview etc NO!!! And I should not allow myself to ‘cop’ out or find a silly reason as to my lateness!!

    So I am with you ladies , with the fantastic idea of the Virtual Assistant Pool……….. only one question ‘Can we start tomorrow ? 🙂

  4. Ohhh I love the idea of a virtual assistant pool! Now I just have to think of what I want to hand over.

    I’d love to hand over my day job – do you think that’s possible! LOL!

    Let me know if you know of a great VA we could use (be careful the spam might start landing on this comment thread!).

    I’m in!

  5. Ha haa – I love the image. The only gadget I want to get rid of is the work BB – it controls me . I’m in control of my gadgets. 🙂


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