Do you manage money well?


Good Morning All, I trust you have had a great week so far?

So are you a little bit more clued up about inflation and purchasing power? Hopefully I have managed to get you thinking about investing your money wisely in order to protect your wealth and your time.

I was supposed to tackle the riveting subject of money and currency and what the differences are, if any. However, I have had a change of mind. I love this blog, because it really encompasses life – have fun, live life, live it to the full, whether it be about how you eat, travel, get fit or fashionable.

I have the challenging task of talking about the subject which is said to be one of the two most popular subjects – money and sex the reason being: everybody wants some and can never get enough of it!

So hastily moving back to my original point people love to travel, desire to keep fit, are eager to eat well and live a long life, but when was the last time you decided to manage your money so you can get to do all the things you desire to do.

Do You Manage Money Well?

Most of us, get money, and we decide to possibly save – if there’s money left after paying the bills. Very few of us decide to actually prioritise our income and think about number one and number two before all the bills get involved.

As a Christian my number one, is bringing a tenth of my gross income to God. It’s called a tithe. It’s not that God needs a tenth of my income, but I have learnt that there are laws that govern life and nature. For example there is the law of gravity, if you do not believe me, then just get a tomato and roll it off the edge of your dining table and see what happens.

There are laws which supersede others, for example, there are the laws of thrust and lift – an aeroplane, cannot defy gravity without these laws being in place.

So, in the area of the tithe, giving or sowing and reaping, this law supersedes the laws we are used to; which is to work really hard, and then either blow all the money on life or hoard it for a rainy day and let someone else make money on it without your knowledge, (and as we learnt last week, while hoarding, it depreciates in value in the meantime).

Incidentally, you will struggle to find a rich man, who does not operate in sowing and reaping or tithing.

I mentioned looking after number one and number two. Well number two (which is really also number one) is YOU! Do you pay yourself? All work and no play make Jack/Jill a very dull boy/girl.

It is important for you benefit from your labour, else really what’s the point of working hard??

Paying all the bills first before yourself, is not looking after you, it’s looking after everyone else first before you.

Are you telling me, you are most happy when you are constantly putting everyone else’s priorities before yours, every single month? Especially when they do not do the same in return?

So what next?

Well, you now have 80% of your income to live on. Most people, especially if debt exists, decide to finish all 80% – that is the wrong thing to do! You must budget according to the lifestyle you know you want to live.

I will break down how to utilise the 80% next week, however, regarding the 10% you pay yourself with, that’s is your key to financial freedom!

Most people complain that if only this’, or if only that ‘ normally the last word ends with money or the lack of it. Well, if you practice sowing and reaping or tithing (that could be giving to a charity, a church or whatever) and then putting 10% away for you and your future, or your generational future – there will never be a reason to be broke. After next week, there should be no reason why you cannot at some stage fulfil your life’s goals, at least, lack of money will no longer be the excuse.

Until next week, happy budgeting


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