Join Pablo Imani on Sunday at the launch of the ‘Men Who Stretch’ movement to take a stretch to support the health and wellbeing of young men

Father and Master Yogi Pablo Imani of Afrikan Yoga in conjunction with ‘Love Is Just A Verb‘ and ‘Sacred Man’ are launching the ‘Men Who Stretch’ campaign on the streets of London this summer.

Spearheaded by Men – Pablo Imani is taking yoga and wellbeing to the streets…to support young boys from inner cities growth and wellbeing

All men who sign to this movement are making a commitment to meet us with their sons , nephews, family members or friends to stretch them using the Afrikan Yoga Method or sharing simple stretching techniques and health and wellbeing tips. These sessions are led by Pablo Imani and are free. The dates for Yoga/stretching sessions on the Street of London are:


11 August 2013

Harlesden Clock tower + Science Museum + Natural History Museum


18 August 2013

Brixton Ritzy + London Eye + Tate Modern


25 August 2013

Hackney Square + Tower of London + Covent Garden.

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Support this campaign. Women tell your fathers, brothers, mates and friends to come and stretch with us.  Men let’s support our boys to grow.  Take a stand…come out and stretch with us.


To find out more contact:  Pablo Imani 07946078114


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