I Was Born A Winner!

Well readers, I went to boot camp on Saturday!!…however I was 25 minutes late and was locked outside the gym. I vex you see! It started at 7am and I had just came out of the shower and following the theme of last weeks blog, I took responsibility and called Ms BM without the W to tell her I was going to be late (no answer, so I left a message).

So I put on my gym clothes – prepared from the night before! Wrapped my hair and I bolted out of the house like Meatloaf’s Bat out of hell!’.

When I got there, I saw the glass door was shut but I was so sure that the door was unlocked I walked straight into it. SHAME! Luckily nobody saw. I called Ms BM without the W and again got her voicemail. Now, for a second I was ready to go back home but I thought what’s the point and I remembered what I wrote in my blog last week: How many of us give up at the first hurdle?

So I decided to stay and wait until someone came down to open the doors – which would be at least an hour’s time and it was already chilly. My mind thought of the homeless who have no choice to sleep in such conditions, I said a prayer for them.

When I finally got into the gym I locked my stuff in the locker and went looking for Miss BM without the W. She saw me and was not impressed. I got in first and explained what had happened and she was (surprisingly) calm and OK. Maybe she was tired after the boot camp(Could this be her achilles heel?…probably not as everyone needs their down time). I told Ms BM without the W that as I was dressed and ready to go. I would work out anyway, and so I did. I worked up a sweat, on the bike, rowing, treadmill, and step machines and then treated my body to a massage. I felt great!

The following day I went to Hackney Empire and saw the legendary FREDDIE MCGREGOR!!!!!! Readers I cannot tell you enough how I shocked out and enjoyed myself! The man was amazing. When he was introduced on the stage he walked on with an air of grace and flicked his locks to the side. The whole Empire was on fire (with love) from that moment. The season artist was going to cook us a meal tonight!

He sang all the hits; Just Don’t Want to Feel Lonely, To Be Poor is a Crime, Big Ship, I was Born a Winner... Midway through, he said he was going to take us back to the Studio One days; everybody started skanking, I put down a piece of hot stepping you see – the music was so sweet I nearly wore out my shoes with the shuffle!

Then he done the unimaginable. He was talking to me (and everyone else in the auditorium) about a theme song he likes and when he heard it he couldn’t get it out of his head. He asked his daughter, who was one of his backing vocalist to assist him. They began to hum the theme tune to EASTENDERS! What are the chances of that?! It’s a sign!

As my friend and I danced and sang along with Sir Mcgregor it brought up memories of when I was young child growing up with reggae music. Sundays in particular; in the mornings – church (sometimes not), change bed linens, mum cooking dinner, hair wash and plait, set school uniform and iron shirts for the week, running jokes with my sisters, one sister in particular always trying to sing etc. All this with the backdrop of Freddie Mcgregor, Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Dennis Brown and the likes.

I realised that music is missing in my life.

I had the honor of meeting Sir Mcgregor after the show. On stage he is a musical veteran with a singing voice that is crystal clear – a well tuned and turned out man. When I met him on a one to one, I was mesmerized. He has a spirit that is very familiar as if you’ve known him all your life. He is humble, calm and attractive. When he speaks to you he is speaking to you. I thanked him for a great night and asked him how the show went for him. He said it was the first time he played in East London and he enjoyed it and felt the love. He looks amazing for his age and his skin is no different to a baby’s; smooth and clear. I asked him what motivates him he said, “Music – I love music, creating, singing music. And I always give thanks to the lord. I always pray before I go on stage’

I also spoke with his superb band members – all of them look so good and well for their age. Could it just be the music that keeps them in tune? I spoke to one of the keyboard players and he said he takes Vitamin D orally and ‘Eat good food, none of this fast food business!’.

After I dropped my friend home I thought should I stop off at the Golden M for something to eat and I remembered what the keyboard guy said ‘Eat good food, none of this fast food business!’.

So I drove on by and went home. I had a fantastic weekend full of fitness, pampering and enjoyment. Sir Freddie McGregor sweet me like cook food and having met the man it’s official – I’m in love! – and like Freddie – I Was Born a Winner!

Have a fit week! x

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