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On Friday, 16 December, I will be 40 years old.

I feel so unbelievably blessed at the experiences, opportunities, and people that are/have been in my life to get me to this point, that I’m moved to tears. However, they’re equally tears of happiness & pain, not only at the amazing & unforgettable, but also the challenging things I can’t forget, but have contributed to me becoming the person I am. I reflect on the challenging things to remind me that hope, dreams & faith helped get me through the bad times, allowing me to truly appreciate the great times that followed.

Think about it Hope, Dreams & Faith – these 3 things cost no money, but most people can’t afford to have them.

It’s because the true cost to have them is too high. They will cost you everything your spirit, your heart, your soul and most people aren’t ready to lose all 3, so they acquire neither Hope, Dreams or Faith, so they can stay safe & secure leading lives of mediocrity.

But possessing all 3 – hope, dreams & faith – is amazing. It’s what allows me to celebrate my life – nurturing my past selves that still exist, but encouraging the present me to keep moving forward. I both shed tears for & nurture:

  • 6 year old me, who ran away from home (just across the street) because she hated living in a house with parents who argued & fought all the time, so when they made her come home, she vowed to herself that when she got bigger, she would never live in a house where people argued, fought all the time [and she never has]
  • 14 year old me, who dreamed of one day escaping to see the world because she felt powerless in the one in which she lived [and so far she’s been to 4 continents…and counting]
  • 21 year old me, so devastated by the senseless killings of 3 relatives under the age of 35, she decided to honour their memory by following her passions & living her life as though each day might be her last [she joined the airforce, got married, travelled, etc., but essentially does the things she desires doing, with no holds barred]
  • 25 year old me, who left the church where many of her family/friends belonged, to form her own relationship with God because she didn’t agree with the preachings of the pastor [she prays everyday – more than when she went to church]
  • 27 year old me, who was in a relatively content, but unhappy marriage, but had the strength to divorce him because she felt she deserved to be happy in her marriage & not just content to be married, also hoping to prevent the homelife she grew up in [so far, so good…]
  • 33 year old me, who decided to forgive her parents while they’re still alive, accepting that they are who they are, but they love her, despite their shortcomings
  • 37 year old me, who decided to leave a job she loved & move to a country where she knew no one, simply because she didn’t want to lose the opportunity of fulfilling an earlier dream of living abroad.
  • 39 year old me, who hopes to one day be in a happy, committed relationship which produces children, grandchildren, & maybe a few pets. Always reminding hers that the last 40 years has proven that she just has to have faith that it’s all meant to happen when it’s supposed to happen but it will happen just as all her other hopes & dreams have come to fruition.

Take Action:

1) Encourage others – Share your stories & experiences with others to provide or enhance someone’s hope, dreams or faith so they can succeed in their own way. If you put a positive spirit & actions into the universe, it will come back to you in one way or another.

Happy Birthday Me!

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