Lisa Bent is a social commentator, qualified counsellor and TV presenter who is passionate about social issues, personal development, health and well being.

As an experienced TV presenter and host, Lisa has compered numerous events within London’s prestigious venues and has interviewed a wealth of celebrities from Jennifer Hudson, Danny Boyle and Mark Walberg to name a few. Lisa’s style of interviewing moves away from the glitz and glamour and takes a more person to person approach because ‘I believe no matter what job you have, position or title you have acquired, who you are is central to everything. I aim to see the person behind the media persona’.

Through her award nominated blog Deeper than Twitter, Lisa writes thought provoking articles that aim to challenge the status quo, provide different perspectives, further thought and sometimes potential solutions to the issues raised. Honest and transparent, Lisa also from time to time reveals her own experiences.


What is Self Central?

Self-Central is the name of her newly formed company. The term means Knowing, understanding, owning and embracing who you are, in order to be all that you are. Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love are the core aspects of Self-Central and the aim is to get people to start looking within, to change their outer dynamics and realities.



pH Zone

Join Lisa on our Phenomenal Healthstyle podcast -‘THE pH Zone’ every month sharing some of the key themes from the month’s pH posts. THe pH Zone aims to help you to stop for 3 mins; and look within to help you to kickstart the journey to make positive changes in your life.

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