I am a true believer of signs, the normal day to day signs that give directions, but moreover the ones that give us a glimpse of our destinies.

Towards the end of last year, which was quite a tough one for me emotionally, I got to thinking that I didn’t want a repeat of that year and more importantly not to enter the new year with the feeling of resentment or harbour any negative feelings towards those who I believed done me wrong. As the saying goes and the title of one of Lauryn Hill’s songs “Forgive Them Father, For They Know Not What They Do”. By not embracing those ten very powerful words, they stand between me and my emotional well-being.

Referring back to my initial point about ‘signs’, I was on the popular social media site the other day responding to messages that had been left on my ‘Timeline’ and noticed a friend had posted a poem on “Forgiveness” . Aside from the poem the health and well-being site ‘MindBodyGreen’, re-posted one of their blogs from October 2012 titled ‘Why Forgiveness Will Change Your Life’. The article begins like this: “Forgiveness is the essence of freedom. It will free you from your past; it will free you for your future. It will free up space within you to create the life and the love you really want”. Very apt indeed, both blog and poem resonated to me with the highest vibrations, which indicated that I needed to take heed of the words written in both literature and put them into practice.

Why Do We Hold On To Negative Emotions Knowing Full Well That It Takes A Lot Of Our Energy To Do So?

I’ll admit the thought of going over the feelings again gave me a bit of a brain freeze; it provoked a feeling of anxiety in my body that was not welcomed at all. I realized for me, too much space had been given to the thoughts that were not empowering me in any way; what started as a sleep-over eventually became squatters in my mind. So, I started to compile the list of situations in my head that needed me to grant my forgiveness, which would in turn release me from the shackles of all negative emotions I’d been hoarding for some time.

If I truly want the life that I want for me I have to learn how to forgive and that means that the forgiveness process begins with me. There is absolutely no point in forgiving others if I am unable to first forgive myself.


Serendipity hit again when I recently read a book called ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz, where he wrote and I quote “you will know you have forgiven someone when you see them and you no longer have an emotional reaction. You will hear the name of the person and you will have no emotional reaction. When someone can touch what used to be a wound and it no longer hurts you, then you know you have truly forgiven.”

Given that February is the month we tend to remember that we are capable of giving and receiving love, let this be the month where you open your heart fully and forgive someone today, even if that someone is you.

I like to use positive affirmations to help me create the future my heart desires:

  • Today and every day I forgive myself for not being perfect.
  • It’s only when I forgive myself that I can forgive others.

Leave a comment below and share with me what positive affirmation you use to help you forgive.

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