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It’s that time of year people, only 14 days left of 2011, which means 14 days of over indulgence with food, drink and shopping.

I’m going to be honest with you, whether you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s or not, the festive season way of life just gets the better of you. Classic example I don’t celebrate Christmas at all, however, I discovered a pack of mince pies in my kitchen sitting next to a carton of Ambrosia custard, I thought to myself how did you get there?’ And only the other day, I went out with some friends and found a large glass of Bailey’s attached to my right hand and leaning on my lips, again I thought how did you get there?’. It happens to us all.

Thursday morning I was asked Bella, what can I do about my eating for the next couple of weeks?’ Knowing the person and her situation I simply replied enjoy yourself, enjoy the time with your family and get plenty of rest, just don’t go overboard’.

It is not easy maintaining clean eating during this period especially when you have accepted numerous invitations to luncheons, dinner parties and/or parties, as well as facing the abundance of food we have on display as soon as you walk through the entrance at our local supermarkets, so the word for survival this month people is…………. ‘Moderation’.

Moderation is the key
Keeping things in moderation is a major key to over indulgence and here are some ideas for moderation.

  • You start with the shopping – try and spend less, don’t let this time of year turn you into a binger.
  • Use a smaller plate – your brain will consider it a full plate regardless of its size!
  • If you are faced with an abundance of food take a little of many things rather than lots of one thing. This way you can ensure you are getting a balanced meal and not overload on fatty and high carbohydrate food.
  • For every glass of alcohol or soft drink, have a glass of water. Water has no calories or side effects, is cheap and will help wash out the excesses.
  • Be active by helping with clearing the table, washing up as soon as everyone finished eating. This way you will avoid staying in one place and picking at leftovers.
  • Avoid over serving. More can always come out as required.

For more ways on how to survive the festive season pick yourself up The Voice newspaper this Thursday from your local newsagents or major supermarkets.

Have a good week everyone.


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