Sugar. Lowers your immune system?

“Sorry, I don’t have any sugar in my house”.

I never do. This is quite deliberate. A few years ago I just phased it out of my life completely and I can now happily say I don’t eat any processed sugar. In fact, some might call me an anti-sugar extremist!

Sugar: The sweet taste of a bad fruit – An extremist’s view

This is for a variety of reasons, the main being that through self-study, I’ve learned that all processed sugar (white, brown, cane sugar) is in fact toxic and the body simply can’t deal with it. As a result it lowers the immune system and leads to illness. This explained why every-time I overdosed on sweets at Christmas time I ended up getting a cold or feeling run down.

The other problem is that processed sugar is widely believed to feed cancer cells (see Dr Mercola’s website) and there is evidence that fizzy drinks and sweets, which contain lots of the stuff, cause obesity and diabetes. Show me someone who suffers from diabetes and I’ll show you someone who probably drinks or drank a lot of sugar-filled, fizzy beverages (especially those produced by the two big “cola” companies).

Is sugar messing with your mind?

Not only does sugar wreak havoc on our bodies, it also messes with our minds. Professor Bart Hoebel has proven it is addictive (see the work of Professor Bart Hoebel here), I however believe sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet . And, by the way, when I talk about processed sugar, I’m not talking about the naturally occurring stuff which is found in sugar-cane, fruits, maple syrup or honey.

“So, if you don’t have any sugar what do you use?”

There are so many delicious alternatives to processed sugar that it amazes me as to why we still use the stuff. Pure, natural maple syrup is amazing, organic natural honey is wonderful and sugar-cane straight off the cane-stalk is marvelous.

Of course the main reason people use sugar is the price. Sugar is as cheap as dirt, whereas organic maple syrup and honey is sold at extortionate prices by comparison. But you get what you pay for in my opinion and as a wise guru once said “The body is a temple”. Our bodies deserve the best, not the worst.

In fact that same wise-guru said “Judge a tree by the fruit it bears” and if you look into the history, this low-cost, immune system destroying, cancer-cell feeding, food-product of the modern era is the fruit of the tree of …. slavery! One of the main purposes of the transatlantic slave trade was to allow sugar to be produced and processed cheaply for the masses. Slavery and sugar. Historically they are intrinsically linked. A foul fruit from a foul tree.

Ancient Egyptians and honey

Our ancient forefathers didn’t need mass produced, processed sugar. They cultivated honey and venerated the honey-bee from time immemorial. The Ancient Egyptians used it to sweeten food and wine and physicians used it for medicinal purposes. Egyptian Pharaohs were entombed with pots of honey and the author and researcher Andrew Gough, claims that the famous, striking, blue and gold striped funeral mask of Tutankhamen is inspired by none-other than the sacred honey-bee.

I now make sure I am always fully stocked with quality honey. Thankfully I can buy organic honey in Kagawa, produced locally by bees from a nearby mountain. Yes, its expensive, but I’m in no doubt that it’s worth it and my body agrees.


I took the picture (above) and video (top right) in Ayutthaya, Thailand in 2010. While wandering among the ruins of the ancient Buddhist temples, I discovered this mysterious looking bee-hive, suspended above one of the statues. It became one of the most striking memories of my trip.

Click here for more information about sugar.

One Response to “Sugar. Lowers your immune system?”

  1. Great post Chris. I haven’t used raw sugar for as long as I can remember but I am still currently having my own personal battle with my sugar addiction. It comes and goes. I’m much better now but every now and then I get a craving for the stuff which is usually brought on by boredom or stress.

    I do use other alternatives to quell the addiction like fruit snacks but again have make sure I balance it out as excessive fruit sugar isnt great for you either. It’s definitely all about balance.

    I have found yoga and drinking lime water helpful for ‘cutting the cravings…and of course reading blogs like yours. : ).

    In its heyday my addiction was so bad it would cause mood swings and I’m sure some of my arthritic challenges are due to excess sugar consumption…Thanks for the reminder!

    Pictures of Japan look great.

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