Does my bum look big in this?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night! I hope you’re good while reading this. Well it’s been another week in the land of the trying to get fit and healthy, and what a week it has been. A mention to Sloetry, thank you for comment on the true meaning of the word diet. I totally agree that over time we have manipulated its meaning and I was going to comment on it (but I didn’t want to make the blog too long – you know what editors are like!). I guess a good way to use the word is using it as healthy diet’, what do you think?

I am glad to tell you referring to my previous blog I did call Miss BM (without the W) and not only did I see her once but TWICE this week! Yes my dears TWICE!!! ‘Ah me dat!’. You know the longer you leave it the more you talk yourself out of it. So after I wrote my blog I said to myself ‘Just do it!’ like the famous trainer company slogan (You know who I’m talking about, the one who tells you to check yourself with a tick, I won’t mention their name, they’re not sponsoring me…yet!).

Anyway I met up with Miss BM (without the W) and I told her I wanted to get back on the wagon but slowly. I made it to the gym, I wasn’t about to make it too hard for myself. So we started on the treadmill. Now in my (slightly) younger years I used to be a sprinter – I’ve got the spike running shoes that still fit to prove it (however the sports clothes I won’t be sporting as my childbearing hips, that my mother gave to me and not my other sisters are in full bloom and would not look good on me. I keep them for inspiration…for my daughter who is no way in process, but one day in the future).

So going back to the treadmill. Now Miss BM (without the W) is not easy, especially when you haven’t seen her for a few weeks. But due to my work schedule she said she understood but yet she put me on the treadmill that EVERYBODY passes by. That’s right EVERYBODY! Once again, while I’m running for my life on the machine my t-shirt rises and my bottom is exposed (under the leggings of course). But you know what? Unlike my first experience (see my blog: Let’s Get Physical) I didn’t care about my VPL showing. My VPL could show little more because I am on my way (back) to a fitter and trimmer me! Somebody say Hallelujah! Amen!!

I felt good after that session and it was the kickstart I needed. Nothing too stressful just enough to wake up my body memory. I then decided to look at my eating habits, lifestyle & body. I looked inside my fridge and cupboards and could see I needed more vegetables, beans and other good foods. So I went shopping and bought half of the fruit and veg in Sainsbury’s (I won’t tell you how much I spent but I will say J Sainsbury’s need to recognise and welcome me by my first name and give me a personal shopper, while I sip Earl Grey tea out of a bone china tea cup in a lounge where my name is on a gold plaque!).

I looked at my lifestyle, which can be very hectic at times. I decided that I have to do something physical everyday, whether it be walking, running, sit ups, going to the gym or Zumba. Something everyday! I owe it to myself and I owe it to my body – it’s been good to me so let me be good to it.

I then looked at my body and this is what prompted me to see Miss BM (without the W) for the second time in the week. So, like many young ladies, I have (quite a lot) of clothes and they are made up of;

  • clothes I have worn and loved over the years that I want to get back into;
  • clothes I have worn and loved over the years that I won’t get back into;
  • clothes with tags still on as I haven’t worn them yet;
  • clothes I bought and I now look at them and ask myself why and what was I thinking…

Now I have a particular black skirt that I look great in, I was going out to meet a friend and I thought I would wear it. I knew it was getting a bit tight the last time I wore it but this time I put it on I had to pause for effect! You know the scenario ladies; you put on a dress/skirt and you say to your boyfriend or friends ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ Well, when I put on my black skirt – I had to pause for effect, as I could not believe what the mirror was showing me. I said out loud to myself ‘BUT WAIT, MY BACKSIDE IS HUGE TA-RUCK-STONE!!!’

I could not believe what the reflection was showing me! Where did this load of buttocks come from!? I really want to know! The skirt just looked awful from every angle – it just could not work. I tried on a dress and that did not look good either. I couldn’t believe the reflection, I felt like the wicked witch in Snow White who asks the mirror who is the prettiest of them all and the mirror says; not you witch. I just picked up the phone and called Miss BM (without the W) one time!

So my next session with Miss BM (without the W) was very interesting. Food really does play an important part not only in life but when you are training in particular. Skipping meals is just not on. I felt tired and I called Miss BM (without the W) to cancel and she wasn’t having any of it. She said ‘Now this is where I step in’ and it is so true. A Personal Trainer gives you that motivation to go on, does not allow you cheat or cancel. If you can, I would strongly urge you to invest in a personal trainer even for a short while so you can understand and learn the techniques. So my speech of why I couldn’t make the session went out of the window and I found myself at the gym on the treadmill and doing floor exercises.

Because I didn’t eat before I went to the gym, I didn’t get out of it what I could have as my body couldn’t handle it as I had no fuel. I then went home and had my Sunday Tradition: chicken with a small portion of rice and peas with salad and felt much better. So much so, that I did a Zumba session in the evening! Yes my dears – and still had energy left over for a bath (as you know you have to clean out the bath once you’ve had your time in it, so I burnt even more calories!!).

I think by taking a good long look at myself, I saw exactly what I needed to see – where I was and what I am dealing with. It’s about being honest with yourself. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my curves, I just want to be the best that I can be -naturally and healthily. I don’t want my bum to be the biggest thing about me; but at the moment it is competing with my personality!

3 Responses to “Does my bum look big in this?”

  1. I have nothing profound to say this week… other than, that was a very good read!

  2. Kehinde Olarinmoye June 8, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Hi Tameka,

    You raised a very valid point in your post about your body looking after you and now it’s time for you to return the favour.

    Very often we neglect the most important people; ourselves, by refusing to spend the time and money on what will in turn be rewarding to our bodies. For example, we would rather choose to eat cheap food and complain to have to pay through the nose by saying “I can’t afford it” to put something decent and with great nutritional value into our bodies, but if we want a brand new TV or those expensive shoes (woman)/ gadgets (men); somehow we manage to find the money to purchase such goods that really doesn’t add value to our health; it’s just more aesthetically pleasing in an instant gratification way.

    You go girl!


  3. Tameka,
    Great to hear you’re back on the treadmill in earnest!
    Man, between Ghana, South Africa and now New York, I have seen big butts for days!! Funny thing is though, they generally seem to be more appreciated as ass-ets than liabilities – but each to their own I reckon.
    ‘keep up the good work’!


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