Are you passionate about health and wellbeing; are you on a journey to find the balance for your life or are you a professional wellbeing practitioner that has some hints and tips to share? We would love to hear from you. We are always looking for new talented bloggers.

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Bloggers Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to help you get a feel for what we are looking for:

Subject: Stories, hints and tips, personal blogs or inspirational interviews about finding the balance in life, through health, travel, parenting, lifestyle choices, career, nutrition, exploring your passions or raising awareness of a ‘health campaign’ you are passionate about.

Words: Anything from 200 to 500 words ideally unless you would like to submit a special interview or feature.

Tone: Your voice, your style, insightful, a personalised expression of your experience and journey. Please keep it conversational rather than preachy. We want to hear about your experience and interests not what you think other people should or shouldn’t be doing.

Content: We ask that posts submitted to Phenomenal Healthstyle are your own original content. We accept content that is published on your own personal site but not on other websites or magazines.

About You: Phenomenal Healthstyle was created for people to have a platform to share their journeys and health and wellbeing hints and tips to living a balanced life. Bloggers are not paid but have the opportunity to market themselves through a 50 word biography to accompany their piece.

Thank You: We appreciate your contribution whether you blog, comment or like. We try to connect with all new contributors but sometimes it takes us a little while. If your post has been accepted, we generally respond within 72-hours.

Blogger Highlights

Become a Regular Blogger: We have a list of Regular Bloggers on the front page. If your blog receives over 100 likes we will invite you to become a regular blogger and work with you to promote your posts and brands and list your name on the front of the website.

Do you fancy submitting something? Go for it! Contact us at and include:

  • Your blogpost in the body of the email with a full working title (We reserve the right to amend the title to fit in line witht he style of the site.)
  • Your blogpost picture or photo as a jpeg or png attachment with the links to original source if you do not own the copyright.
  • Your 50 work biography with links to your site, Facebook, etc.
  • Your headshot or photo of you you’d like us to use for you bio. (not essential)
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