New week. New possibilities

Welcome to Monday! The start of a new week – full of possibilities. How was your weekend? I had a great weekend; cleared ‘some’ clutter and had a great time at our first ever ‘Phenomenal Healthstyle’ party in the beautiful home of an up and coming property developer and interior designer. (Watch this space!) It was good fun. Lots of Le Vive super-fruit antioxidant cocktails, good mood food, fun and games.

It’s true – anything a man can conceive, a man can achieve. Last week I had no idea that I would writing this blog from another city – a hotel just outside of Boston, USA. A last minute call from a client led me to the land of ‘sugary temptation’. Typical! Right in the middle of my 90 Day challenge. It’s going to be a great week but a challenging one…The Cheesecake factory is just 2 minutes from where I am staying and I love cheesecake.

My top four ‘Health’ challenges in less than 24 hours

  • Airplane food options
  • Cheesecake cravings
  • Jet-lag and stiff neck
  • Not saying the wrong thing to a Boston Patriots (local football team) fan. Team lost qualifying ‘Superbowl game’ today.

What are the best tips you have for staying fresh and alert and not burning out when traveling for work?

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