Can you really ‘have it all’?















Here is a question many people ask themselves, from time to time – Can I really have it all’?

Do you think of yourself as a have’ or a have-not’? Are you happy with yourself and proud of your efforts, or do you constantly measure your success… with someone else’s ruler?

Everyone is different and must decide for herself what all’ means. For some people, having it all’ is as simple as being alive and well. For others, having it all’ means the ability to thrive professionally without having to sacrifice personal relationships and family time.

When you were a child, a never-ending supply of toys and all the cake you can eat could be a very satisfying vision of having it all. As you grow from being a little child to an adult, having it all’ takes on different meanings.

You see, having it all’ isn’t really about what you have… it’s about what you think of what you have.

What do you think having it all means’? Is the picture of the perfect person’ that you have in your mind something that you created…or are you trying to be what someone else thinks you should be?

Are you trying to live up to someone else’s expectations? Are you letting other people push you to have’ more than you really want’ or possibly need?

How would you feel about yourself if you were to create your own, personal, just-for-me definition of having it all’? Not what your parents think having all means. Not what your wife, husband or friends, or even society’ thinks you should have.

Life lessons and life experiences teach us and enlighten us. No one wants or needs the same things at 10 that they do at 20… or 30… or 65. If you simply honour, respect and celebrate what you have at every step, you will always have it all’.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has often said, ‘There is nothing in life you can control except the way that you perceive things. And, if you place a positive perception on any circumstance that comes your way, then you do have it all… right now, this minute.’

Take time to reflect on what you have around you at the moment. Take time to appreciate, love and see the value in what you already have. In doing so, you may realise that you have much more of value in your life, right now, at this moment, than you think.

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  1. Fabulous post ken 🙂

    Having it All- By John Assarf is one of my favourite books. Provides a different insight into the notion of “Having it all”.

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