Blending in … Using Nutrition to Beat the Christmas Blues

As I have written before on this blog, I’m a big fan of making my own fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. James Bond has his Walther PPK, but for me, the first, most important piece of equipment I need when I touch down in a new country, is a juice blender. Once I have that, I know a huge aspect of my health and wellbeing – mental and physical – is taken care of.

There are many things I am proud of regarding the life changes I have effected in my thirties, but what gives me much satisfaction is the way I’ve made daily juicing a painless and integral part of my life. My day is simply incomplete without it, and its become as routine to me as brushing my teeth.

I’ve heard many of my friends complain that blending is a troublesome and time consuming “hobby”. But for me it takes a minute out of my day and yet gives me so, so much. Every morning, with every experimental concoction, I’m putting vital nutrition in the “bank” so that when I do have my rough days, or am hit by a virus, my immune system has adequate resources to fight back – and to win!

As we approach the dark, gloomy nights in the lead up to Christmas, and the media is bombarding us with silly yet strangely convincing reasons to part with our cash, many people feel the chill of winter depression creeping slowly into their psyche, sapping their already flagging resistance.

To quote from a recent on-line poll conducted by the UK charity MIND, “40% of respondents were experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety as a result of paying for the festive season and 25% had increased feelings of depression.”

But I have discovered, good nutrition not only strengthens the immune system but also improves mood, and provides a sustained vitality which personally helps me to bounce back instantly from life’s hidden and numerous challenges.

I recently became aware of the work of Andrew Saul, PhD, who is Assistant Editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. In his work he links depression to a lack of proper nutrition and in the video linked to this article, gives simple but wonderful advice on how to beat the feelings of despair associated with depression.

“…I defy anyone who is depressed, to feel depressed if they have a couple of nice big fresh vegetable salads and lots and lots of fresh fruit and nuts and seeds and good food… Fresh organic and wholesome. I defy anybody to try that for a month and tell me that they feel depressed…”

So please eat well, blend, experiment and enjoy! And…have a genuinely HAPPY Christmas!

Here is one of my favourite feel-good blends;-

1 or 2 bananas
some strawberries (or blueberries)
a spoonful of pure organic honey
a handful of walnuts (almonds/hazelnuts/peanuts are great too)
soya milk/almond milk/rice milk or hemp milk
a couple of spoonfuls of plain natural yogurt (optional)
avacado (optional)
some nutmeg

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