Bella-Marie shares her ’18 minute workout’ rule

I’ve never been a fan of the gym (to be honest, I’m still not!) but I’m enjoying my Personal Training (PT) sessions with Bella-Marie. It has not just been a physical workout, it is often an education and a deep exploration into my mind and body.

It has also helped me to appreciate the benefits of my Afrikan Yoga practice in being able to tune in more deeply to my body to complement my workouts. This week I learnt about Bella-Marie’s ’18 minute’ theory

Have you heard of the ’18 minute workout’ rule? Does it work for you?

This is what Bella-Marie had to say…

“The 18 minute rule – I was told many years ago by a wise PT that it takes the body 18 minutes to adapt to a workout. When doing a cardio workout haven’t you noticed that the first 15 minutes are at times torturous, you breathing like a stuffed pig and on the verge of quitting, but when you continue for another few you find yourself almost (dare I say it)…cruising.

There is no real explanation, no scientific research to tell us why this is the case but it’s just how the body responds to a workout during that time frame.

Interestingly there is a book called ’18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done’ by Peter Bregman. In this book he offers large numbers of strategies to accomplish all your activities per day. This book enables a person to prioritize and accomplish goals.

It’s amazing what someone can achieve physically as well as mentally in 18 minutes”.











To buy the book, click here

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