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It’s funny how when you decide to do the things you are passionate about you start to meet likeminded people who are passionate about the things they do, too. A friend of mine introduced me to FitLife as she decided she wanted to get fit for the new year. After checking out the website, I loved Bella-Marie’s story so much we invited her to our first Healthstyle party. Fortunately she accepted – and I’m pleased to say she is just as ‘fabulous’ in person as she looks on her website.

Bella-Marie’s story is really inspiring for anyone that has made a commitment to make health part of their lifestyle.

‘Phenomenal Healthstyle’ are looking forward to working with Bella-Marie in the future. Watch this space!

Tips for fitness success:

  • Before you start your fitness regime set yourself realistic short, medium & long-term goals. Write them down and place them somewhere visible to help you stay on track.
  • Do not train or diet for someone else like an ex-partner or for a wedding, make sure you do it for YOU and for LIFE!
  • Keep a food diary – you will be surprised how much food you consume during a week, in fact you will be shocked!

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