Be Happy. Choose Health

Hi there Guys and Dolls,

Happy Tickle Tuesday! (sounds like an American holiday doesn’t it).

Is it a Happy Tuesday for you? If you’re reading this first thing in the morning, make your Tuesday happy. If you’re reading this in the middle of the day and it hasn’t been as happy as you wanted it to be, do something so the afternoon is a guaranteed to be happy
for you. If you’re reading this in the evening and your day has been challenging, make sure you go to bed happy. Whatever you choose to do – remember there’s 24 hours in a day make it work!

As for me (in the morning) it is a Happy and Tickle Tuesday as I am happy with my body’s progress (however I think I have to get another scale as the one I have seems to be set on a particular number!) and extremely tickled that the Virgin Triathlon that I have been training for is actually happening next week Saturday!!!!!!

Mate! Let me tell you! During the last week I have had some amazing and horrific dreams. Some have woken me up as I felt a force push me in my back (as in move over – you’re taking up too much room).

  • I dreamt that I was being chased by some men who wanted to either kill or capture me – for what? I wasn’t hanging around to find out. I kept running and running.
  • In another dream I dreamt I was being chased by dogs – in it I was running and screaming for my life (I woke up in a pool of sweat! I had to shower and change my sheets 4:25 in the morning!).
  • I dreamt that I was tied up and wanted to run but couldn’t (cause I was tied up) and a man gave me an injection that made me drowsy but I was fighting with all my might not too sleep and then I saw a very strange looking spider that was hanging from it’s web crawling in a very different way to how spiders crawl and every time it move I cried and screamed (that one woke me up in a sweat and hyperventilating – I couldn’t sleep for 2 hours then the sun came up!).

If anyone reading this knows anything about what these dreams mean – please leave me a message below, Please.

I’ve asked myself why is this happening to me? Is it too much training? I’ve cut out carbs out of my diet recently, could that be it? I haven’t eaten cheese late at night – I don’t even eat cheese!

But the strange thing is even though I may have a terrible night I have good days. Going to the gym is no longer (at times) a chore (however I have taken a cab a few times when I know that I’m low in energy and know that I won’t be able to make my training
on time).

I cannot tell you enough how changing my diet has helped me do more (both exercise and general work) and well as making my body feel great (no more bloating feeling, body generally feeling fitter).

Also a change of mindset has helped, my new mantra for when I feel like I can’t carry on on the treadmill – I’M BRINGING SEXY BACK! (even though I wear my headscarf, big t-shirt, leggings / shorts, trainer with my socks showing, big knickers, no make up as I believe my skin should breathe and sweat and I groan without any shame when I feel the internal burn! – yes I’m a groaner and proud of it!).

The thing for me is not what I look like when I’m WORKING OUT, it’s all about what I look like when I am OUT from WORKING!!! That’s how I’m going on!

But I have to admit (and I’m not ashamed to) I am getting very nervous. I’m training almost everyday, but as the days come and go and July 30 edges closer, I – the Aries Woman – asks myself ‘Have I bitten off more than I can chew?’. Anything I do I’ll put 100% into it and doing something like a Triathlon (well I’m running and maybe cycling but not swimming check my blog ‘In Fitness & Health – Give Blood to find out why) it something new and very different for me.

However, I can say that I have enjoyed the journey so far and have embraced the changes I have seen. I think sometimes we all need to stop, review and fine tune. We all change as human beings. We grow from a baby to a child to young person to an adult and
alongside that our circumstances changes also; working (job or career), getting married, becoming a parent, grandparent. But one thing that we (as human beings) tend to over look is our health or at least take notice of it when something develops (weight gain,
fibroids, cancer, for example).

Sometimes we have to chose the fight when we are faced with the Fight or Flight’ situation. Ask yourself ‘What is the worst that can happen?’ ‘What will I gain from doing this?’

I know for me the answers (regarding the triathlon) are ‘I’ll finish in the last position but I will finish it because I said I would do it (plus I don’t want to feel shame!)’ and ‘By doing the training and the triathlon I will have kick started my healthy lifestyle, enjoy my new physique and will have taken responsibility for my health – to aid my body against certain things like diabetes for example’.

I hope you are all well and (will) have had your 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetable today. Even the government is asking you to get healthy – 5 A day – check out it gives you easy quick steps to get started. Go on, do it for your body – look at how much it has done for you!

Have a fit week! x

2 Responses to “Be Happy. Choose Health”

  1. Gwan Tameka. You definitely got the PH Factor. From ‘Fitness Fear’ to ‘Fitness Fabulous’ in less than 12 weeks! I like your style. I think I might need to get me a BM (without the W). I hope if the PH readers are free to come down to the Excel Centre on 30 July for the Virgin Active Trialthon and watch you give the likes of Stacey Solomon and JLS a run for their money…You go girl! See you there! P.S. Maybe the dreams are nerves…not sure…will have to research that one…x

  2. Hi Tameka,

    There is a website that has a dream dictionary that could help you. The address is

    Glad your enjoying your new healthy lifestyle


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