Are You True To Yourself?




Have you ever had a time in your life when you were surrounded by so many people, yet you still felt lonely?

You had so much to choose from but still felt that you had so little choice?

This period of your life can feel unfulfilling and empty. It does not matter what you have around you in abundance, if it does not fulfill you, or uplift your spirit.

In times like these, many of the actions you take, the emotions you feel and the experiences you have can seem empty, without any real substance or meaning. Experiences that just pass the time and keep you going.

Repetitive experiences that have no real purpose, except a vain attempt to fill a void in your life. The downside, is that you run the risk of losing your sense of self, becoming someone inconsistent with whom you really are and risk looking in the mirror one day and not recognising the reflection you see.

To thy own self be true. Only accept things into your life that fulfills and uplifts you. Do not dilute the potent, wonderful and special you with anything that does not complement and enhance you. Never accept second-best in your life.

The experiences you seek may take longer to come into your life, however when they do they will be experiences that will uplift your mind, body and soul.

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