Are You Lonely?

It’s been said that built up cities are the loneliest places to live in, with the City Of London at the top of the list!

I happen to be watching the news recently (not something I like to do too often because of the negative impact it can have), the BBC news in particular, which reported:

‘More than a quarter of Londoners say they feel lonely often or all of the time’, according to a poll commissioned by BBC London.

According to the findings, it’s alleged that this is due to a lack of community where some Londoners live. These same people admitted to not knowing their own neighbours.

What I found particularly interesting about this news report was realising how much we rely on our own communities, such as work, socialising and even mummy and baby groups to stop the feeling of isolation creeping in.

Could Londoners really be some of the loneliest people even with the degrees of separation being much less, and new relationships constantly being formed with the help of social media at the ‘click’ of a button? Speaking as a Londoner I personally haven’t experienced the feeling of being lonely, however, I know many people that have.

So, how do we combat this? Is it something that’s going to get worse as we become more and more detached from ourselves and our communities?

Can loneliness have an impact on our health?

Referring back to the BBC News report ‘Lonely Londoners’, a gentleman by the name of Bernhard Luther, 72 was made redundant 20 years ago, since then he’s found it difficult to make new friends as a lot of his friendships were centred around his working life. He claims that the city was a much friendlier place back then and being younger had a strong bearing on this too.

Image taken from the ‘’

If the age factor is to be believed, what hope is there for townies wanting to connect with people with similar interests?

A good friend of mine mentioned a London-based website called ‘City Socialising‘ that is specifically designed to help professional newcomers to the city integrate more easily into life in the capital.

There was clearly a need because with the help of the Prince’s Trust the founder, Sanchita Saha trialed a website and began developing the idea. Following a successful response to City Socialising‘s approach to making friends in London they launched nationwide in seven other UK cities back in October 2007 and today the network has extended to nineteen cities across the UK.

That’s the singletons and childless couples sorted then, so what about the stay at home parent or elderly? Is there such a platform to connect like-minded and similar demographics together?

If you’re aware of any, do let us know by leaving a comment below or perhaps share any experiences of loneliness with us; who knows you may just make a new friend.

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