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Is it me or has there been a sudden increase in the amount of yoga activity happening around the city? Even Goldie is at it. While I was on the bus I was reading in the Evening Standard yesterday about how he is addicted to Bikram yoga and how it has changed his bad boy healthstyle ways.

I have dabbled in yoga on and off over the last 15 years. When I do it, it feels great – it has just been the discipline and focus to work it into my daily routine that I have previously found a challenge. I love being active but I must admit I do have an adversion to organised exercise. Unless I working towards a specific goal like a 10km run or it is very clear from the outset that at some point there will be a ‘fun’ element to the ‘exercise’ – motivating myself to do it is a mammoth task. I’m not saying it’s the right approach – it’s just my personal journey with exercise.

After meeting Pablo Imani, Master Afrikan Yoga Teacher this week whilst he was doing a warm up with Station FM radio presenter Jahdusha V. Shines at Brockwell Park my curiosity was aroused, particular when he talked about the historical context and how the movements and postures can be incorporated in every day life. From some of the movements he demonstrated, it seems sometimes we might even be practicing a yoga move without realising that that is what we are doing.

So on Sunday I am going to head down to The Alchemy Centre in Camden, London to find more about the principles and practice behind Afrikan Yoga. Pablo Imani is holding a three hour workshop there from 2pm – 5pm. Who knows this may be just the type of Yoga practice I’ve been looking for – the perfect combination of fitness, fun, focus, historical facts and enlightenment!

Have you tried Afrikan Yoga? What did you like best about it?

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  1. Completely agree! My person has also been inspired to learn more – I’m looking forward to attending Brother Pablo Imani’s additional FAMILY event – down at the Michael Sobel Centre in Holloway Road next Monday 28th 6-9pm. Mums, Dads and Children – All are welcome and this is a FREE event. Its an opportunity to learn more about Afrikan Yoga and its beneficial and healing properties for yourself and family.

    Also, Bro Pablo Imani will be LIVE on this Friday 25th March 2011 with SisStar Jahdusha on the LIP Service Show 11am-2pm (GMT)

    Self Knowledge is Power Fuel for the Mind, Body and Soul.

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