Smai Scrolls: A Warrior of light finds Hotep in Paradise



What people really want deep down is peace.

A little quiet, peace of mind, sublime peace, peace and love. We all want a piece of something, take a little piece, give me piece, a piece of the pie, ‘when I die I get a pie in the sky’. Is this pie symbolic? Is piece a homophone of peace?

Having piece for me is having peace. When there is no peace there is war. How does one gain peace in a time of war? Everyone is at war; if not externally certainly internally.

Warriors know that everyone fears someone; the child fears the parent, the employee fears the boss, the spouse fears the mate, the citizen fears the law, the congregation fears the congregation, and the individual fears the so called clique. Fear is the beginning of war. How does the warrior transform warship into peaceship?

I can’t answer these question but I will certainly point you in a direction that I have found useful when I have exhausted myself on the battle field.

So to the, office warrior, political warrior, fitness warrior, eco-warrior, family warrior and spiritual warrior; take a glimpse of peace

Sitting in the Rainforest at sunrise facing East, a warrior begins a journey to the inner sanctum of their heart – the journey was long and arduous. He/She had placed bows and arrows in the form of words and destructive thoughts at their side. Then placed their mind and the need to act in the form of a sword down in front of her/him and breathed in, then exhaled stress and anxiety.

In the forest the warrior becomes still. Universe conspires to the warriors needs. The sun travels 3 million miles closer to caress the coolness of the body and the rays travel 90 million miles to kiss his/her face.

A warrior needs tenderness, affection and love. He/she is empty without love. Amongst the myriad shades of green and the various shapes of leaves the heart opens to its own vibration, receiving love amongst the serenade of birds, their chorus delights and soothes the soul. The warrior stares into his/herself and see indescribable beauty, reflecting the environment. The atmosphere is warm and moist and wraps her-self lovingly around the armoured body whispering ‘mend your heart, ease your aches and live again, look for the signs of spring’

The warrior affirms I see you Hetep, and for a few moment on my retreat from war I feel you’.

The glimpse of ultimate peace injects the consciousness with the energy to fly free from self-constraints, this must meet the spiritual warriors path. Hetep an ancient African word for supreme peace meaning a state of peace that cannot be disturbed by secular occurrences…

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Yoga is a way of living that requires introspection. It is proper exercise, proper nutrition (adequate eating), positive thinking, (affirmations), non-violence which has a lot to do with your relationship to people and your environment.

Having restraint, self-control in all areas of your life including your thoughts. In order to assist the thoughts aspect, meditation is integral to the practice of yoga. Meditation is the discipline of steadying and clearing the mind in order to attain higher states of consciousness that creates our reality. What I mean is, if you are attuned to the natural state of being a reconnection to The Source’ (which represents different things for different people) you flow with life just in the same manner as a clear river stream runs to the sea. When this stream is mudded and polluted the movement of the river is hindered. Therefore your goal (destination) is hampered. The exercises work in the same manner, cleansing the organs and energy channels in the body. So the body maintains its natural equilibrium

Pablo Imani





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