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The Hip Hop Debate continues

I first heard hip hop in 1981. I was at that time, extending parts of tunes I liked from old disco tunes, by recording instrumental breaks on cassette, and then keeping on the beat and re-recording them, so the instrumental break was longer. I loved the percussion or rhythm guitar and just wanted to hear more of them. I did it for myself. I didn’t know this was being done anywhere else.

World Basketball Festival 2012

I didn’t really know what to expect, but loving basketball as I do, I decided to try and capture my passion through the lens. I’ve only “shot” basketball twice before, and that was indoors, so the potential spectacle that laid before me was mouth watering. Plus wherever outdoor basketball goes… good music follows, so it’s a recipe for ticking many boxes on my “I love list”.

Sloetry on GuessRadio.co.uk

Check out our regular blogger Rob’Sloetry’ Covell on Guess Radio every Wednesday from 11pm – 1am for chat, music and a bit of creative this…


How did you get on with the snow last weekend? I decided to take my camera out at midnight on Saturday and take some snowy…


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