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2013: A Challenging year for your Finances

2013 is only 2 months away and financial planners have begun forecasting mixed economic performances for the New Year. Many consumers tend to neglect their finances until it is too late. It’s better to face the music and accept your financial position rather than ignoring the signs that may lead to financial disaster. On a positive note, we have the ability to make the adjustments when necessary.

Is there a silver lining in unemployment?

The battle to reduce unemployment continues and will exist for sometime as the world eases out of the current recession. I do believe that there is always an optimistic approach to any crisis which I refer to as a Silver Lining.

Money Tip: Do you need a Financial Checkup?

How healthy are your finances? Doctors recommend at least one medical checkup a year for healthy individuals and periodic checkups if there are health challenges. The state of your finances will affect your health in both positive and / or negative ways.

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